Incense has a magical aroma capable of transporting your mind to another more pleasant state of mind. It is likely that sometime you have entered the home of a family member or friend, or even a commercial location and have found a lovely aroma floating in the air.

very aromatic burning incense

It is as if in that instant your mind is filled with tranquility and everything around you loses importance at times. For a few moments that delicate and aromatic incense connects with you and absorbs you in an atmosphere charged with positive energy. I wouldn’t know why, but there are incenses that smell great.

burning highly aromatic incense in a Buddhist temple

The word incense comes from the Latin “incensum” which means to light. Incense is a preparation of various resins and essential extracts that produces a very pleasant aroma. These smells are usually varied and depending on the type of incense you light you will have one aroma or another.

Tibetan incense is one of the most aromatic

This incense is characteristic for having more quantity of incense in its sticks. This means that it gives off much more smell when burned. This comes in handy in the summertime when we usually have the windows open, I guarantee that this aromatic incense will reach every corner of your house.

Natural Tibetan incense is made in a traditional way. I can’t tell you if it is made by Buddhist monks and then sold to the rest of the world, but I can tell you that it is a top quality aromatic incense. Without a doubt it is a variety that we should have in our incense cabinet.

a buddhist temple in the middle of nepal

Olibanum aromatic incense

The frankincense resin is obtained from the Boswellia tree and is mostly used as a very good quality aromatic incense. This incense is often used in liturgical ceremonies of any religion. In Somalia there are people who use it as a chewing gum but the one we sell is for burning and aromatizing environments.

The truth is that his appearance reminds me of some tasty jelly beans. I have never tried to chew frankincense but I have used it as an aromatic incense and it really has an aroma that I could not describe in words. Its smell is unique and it is unlike any other incense I have ever tried.

hardening resin in a boswellia tree

This aromatic incense has been used in ceremonial rites for thousands of years. Today it is still used in numerous religious ceremonies throughout the world. But just like everything else, there are people who like to burn frankincense simply because they love its smell.

Frankincense can be found in cones or in its natural form. To burn incense grains you need a container where you can mix the resin with the burning charcoal. It is a very simple method that in some way as if you were celebrating your own mystical ritual at home.

WellinCai - Incienso natural de Omán de resina de incienso orgánico de primera calidad natural con...
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WellinCai - Incienso natural de Omán de resina de incienso orgánico de primera calidad natural con...
  • De Omán (Boswellia Sacra) incienso real natural y orgánico.
  • No contiene ingredientes añadidos 100% puro incienso.
  • Árbol de resina de hojari/hojary de incienso puro resinado.
  • Embalaje: el incienso se envía en una botella.
  • Peso: 50 gramos.

Why buy aromatic incense?

One of the main reasons why I would buy this type of incense is because of its unique and penetrating aroma. In the market you can find sweet, citrus, soothing, refreshing, aphrodisiac, fruit and a great number of different smells.

Tibetan incense sticks in a jar, there's a golden incense burner

Every incense and aroma is linked to a particular purpose but only you can know better than anyone else the smell you are looking for. I can recommend you which ones I like the most, but at the end of the day each person’s taste is unique and untransferable.

So? Well, I would tell you that both Tibetan and frankincense give off a scent and aroma that is not comparable to any other incense. But this does not mean that there are not better and more aromatic smells, because really this is something you must discover for yourself 😛

looks like a Tibetan aromatic incense burner

The practice of burning incense is so ancient that there is no exact date of its appearance. It is possible that the first inhabitants of the earth already used incense to aromatize their caves. Or they even used it to smoke their prey to give it a different taste before they dug in.

Bermoni Butaneses Aromático Incienso Tibetano de meditación Joss-Pack de 5 Incienso meditación...
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Bermoni Butaneses Aromático Incienso Tibetano de meditación Joss-Pack de 5 Incienso meditación...
  • El pack incluye cinco sabores diferentes (Zambala, Padmasambhava, Buda de la Medicina, Chenrezig, la...
  • Incienso unirse alrededor de 100 hierbas medicinales y aromáticas desde el Himalaya.
  • Butanese incienso Cada paquete contiene 28 palos aaprox longitud 20 cm
  • Hecho a mano según una antigua procesos de fabricación de incienso tibetano, con ciento por ciento...
  • Nota = El producto puede diferir ligeramente de la foto.

There are things we will never know but if there is one thing we really know it is that incense has been used for thousands of years. And nowadays it is used as an air freshener and to aromatize rooms, it is also used to clean the bad energies of a place.

Chakra Aromaterapia Fragancia Natural los Palos perfumados - Promueve la Salud y el ser-20 Incienso...
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Chakra Aromaterapia Fragancia Natural los Palos perfumados - Promueve la Salud y el ser-20 Incienso...
  • Aromaterapia, también conocida como terapia de aceite esencial ha existido desde hace siglos y es...
  • Cantidad: 20 palos por caja. Total de 120 Sticks en una caja exterior; Duración de la combustión:...
  • Extraído de: cesta de la naturaleza de la India.
  • Características especiales: El uso diario de este Bergamote- aroma crea un ambiente mágico,...
  • Crear un ambiente mágico en su casa o lugar de trabajo mediante el uso de estos de alta calidad y...

If there is an aroma of aromatic incense that reminds you of Beirut or any other eastern country you have visited, it is undoubtedly any of the varieties I told you about just a few paragraphs ago. Whichever way you look at it, they both produce a truly magical and aromatic smoke.

a Buddhist monk watching the temple from afar

Egyptians, Buddhists, Christians, Hebrews, Romans, Mayans and all known cultures and religions have used aromatic incense in their celebrations. No one escapes the sweet aroma that emanates from incense. Its characteristic smell creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere ideal for any type of ceremony.

Euroscents Difussion Emim - Pack 6 Paquetes Incienso aromático Feng Shui
  • La energía vital que nutre y sostiene todo lo que nos rodea (Qi o Chi), fluye y se transforma a...
  • La tarea de un maestro de feng shui es determinar la calidad, organización y distribución de esta...
  • 96 sticks en total con 6 diferentes fragancias

It is thought that aromatic incense evokes mystical powers in our person, or can even act as a bridge between the earthly and the spiritual, although to reach these states you must combine it with other types of aromatic herbs 😛

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