Cherry incense, a peculiar aroma

The cherry blossom is possibly one of the most aromatic trees in existence. In Japan this tree is part of the culture and it is customary to hold a festival in its honor. It blooms in spring and is known in Japanese culture as “sakura,” and friends and family gather around the cherry trees to celebrate the festival of “Hanami”.

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Thousands of people spend the day sitting by the cherry blossoms, eating and drinking with their loved ones. They have a good time and enjoy the unmistakable aroma of the cherry blossom. No doubt it must be quite an experience to be able to enjoy this festivity.

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Luckily for us we can have this sweet smell in our home. Cherry incense has a pleasant smell that can be enjoyed from the first minute it is lit. It has a smell reminiscent of that of freshly blossomed cherry blossoms.

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a cherry tree full of aromatic flowers.

Cherry incense can in a way transfer us to a field full of cherry trees all in bloom. I have never been able to enjoy this experience, unfortunately because of the area where I live there are no crops of this type so I have to imagine the experience a little 😛

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What I can tell you is that this cherry-smelling incense has an aroma that is obviously reminiscent of the smell of these flowers. It’s true that cherry like fruit smells good and tastes good. But the cherry itself is not a very fragrant fruit, although we can always get an idea of its smell.

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cherries hanging from a cherry tree. They're ready to pick.

Eating cherries in spring and summer is very typical in my family. And it is a fruit that although it is small in size, it can be eaten very well. It’s starting with one and not stopping eating cherries for a while. Most likely, as soon as I finish writing this article I will go down to the fruit shop to get some 😛

What is cherry incense used for or what is it used for?

Like most incense that has a sweet aroma it is widely used for love. They are ideal for stimulating the sexual appetite of the couple and this is achieved by creating an atmosphere full of good vibrations. The smell of cherry blossom is able to take your mind to a very relaxed state.

cherry tree full of flowers in spring.

I’m currently single and that doesn’t mean I can’t light cherry incense. Remember, you can light any kind of incense anytime you want. Just because it serves or is used for one thing does not mean it should be used exclusively for that. The ideal is to burn different aromas to vary a little 😉

This incense has a very peculiar aroma, slightly reminiscent of the smell of cherry but especially of cherry blossoms. I’m looking forward to planting a cherry tree in a large pot and harvesting my own cherries. Although I don’t know if it will provide enough cherries to feed me 🙂

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Properties and benefits of cherry incense

It is said that this incense has the property of stimulating our passion. Its sweet aroma is capable of taking your mind to a very pleasant state of relaxation and well-being. The truth is that it has a sweet smell that almost everyone who has tried it likes.

a girl holds cherry blossom petals in her hands.

Possibly this incense is one of my favorites, and it has a smell that feels good. The house fills up with this sweet cherry fragrance right away, there is no strong smell at all, it is soft but very fresh. The truth is that this incense is very successful.

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Imagine lighting a cherry stick in the spring, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the aroma it gives off. And it feels alive, it really reminds you of a field full of cherry blossoms, it is true that I have never been in a place like this but if it smells like this incense it must be quite an experience 😛

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