The frankincense resin is the most natural incense we can find. It is extracted directly from the Boswellia tree in granulated form. This sticky substance is extracted from the bark and left to dry for a couple of months to get the best aroma.

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Another incense that we can obtain in its natural state is myrrh, also extracted from the bark of the Commiphora myrrha tree, native to the African country. The colours between the two incenses are very similar, the myrrh being a little darker and redder.

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Both have a very special aroma. The vast majority of incense used for Easter celebrations or religious ceremonies uses frankincense and myrrh as the base for their aromatic mixtures. Here you will be able to find it in its purest state 😛

The types of incense grains most sold in our store

Burning incense grains is very simple and you won’t have any complications. It will almost be more complicated to find the best aroma, but seeing how well it is priced almost better to take several. You will see how surprisingly good the natural incense grains smell 😛

Pure frankincense grains

This resin is expelled through the bark by the Boswellia thurifera or Boswellia sacra tree. At present it is used for different purposes, the most common being incense. The best quality resin is used in some perfumes and fragrances or even body creams.

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This original tree can be found in a native way in some areas of Africa and in the Arabian Peninsula. In these regions it is common to find extensive plantations of Boswellia. To extract it, an indentation is made in the trunk and the resin slowly comes out.

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Just seconds after its first contact with the air, the resin becomes rubbery and is easily collected by the farmers. It is then stored in medium sized packs and left to mature for a couple of months, thus achieving the best possible properties and aroma.

Natural Myrrh in grains

This natural resin is extracted from a tree native to Somalia and some areas of Africa. The name as we know it is Commiphora myrrha, but you can see that the name brings them. Well, from its bark we can extract the myrrh, the system used is the same as the one used in the olibanum.

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This incense has a very characteristic smell, in fact it has been used for thousands of years by our civilization. Similarly, frankincense has also been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. It can be said that one without the other would not exist.

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This resin is mostly used to make incense, although it is also used in cosmetics and health products. Besides a good aroma it also has other balsamic and disinfectant properties. It was also used as a medicine and anesthetic to relieve pain.

Natural incense grains, what is it used for?

The main use is none other than to light it and aromatize the environment. This incense has an aroma that is not comparable to those sticks with different scents. Olibanum smells like frankincense and myrrh smells like myrrh, I cannot describe what it smells like because they have their own particular smell 😛

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But you’ve probably smelled this kind of incense before. It is widely used in religious events and Christian celebrations, although for those purposes they use other types of mixtures much softer. Natural incense has an intense and penetrating aroma that smells great.

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Its aroma is associated with the sacred and for thousands of years this has been its main use. If there was a religious ritual, a wedding, or even a funeral, it was usual to burn granulated incense to make that act more sacred and more spiritual.

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The ancient African tribes had already been using it since time immemorial. Long before they began to work to export it around the world. The ancient shamans performed their rituals with thick fumaroles of smoke from burning incense resin in large quantities.

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I like to use it especially in the spring. It has a very penetrating smell and although it is not unpleasant if you go too far it will smell quite a lot. As it turns out I’m very clumsy measuring the amounts because I almost always end up opening the window, that’s why I use it in times with good room temperature 😛

How do you know if an incense is natural?

As a general rule, incense grains are the purest form of incense you can find. Olibanum has a more granular and rounded shape due to the gummy nature of the resin. It may also be that some brands give it a more rounded shape to achieve a more eye-catching final product.

close-up view of the granulated incense.

Myrrh is usually found granulated but in the shape of small stones. This is because myrrh resin hardens more than frankincense. However, each manufacturer plays around with the final product a little and you will find myrrh that has been worn around the edges to give it a better appearance.

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But don’t be afraid because these little visual touches don’t affect the final product. The point is that this product is natural since it is extracted directly from the bark of the tree. It is left to rest for a while to obtain the perfect aromatic properties and then it is ready to be sold.

Why buy natural incense resin?

It is an incense that comes directly from the bark of a tree. You will not find a more natural and aromatic resin than this one. It works great for aromatizing the environment with a sacred and mysterious smell. Personally both frankincense and myrrh are one of my favorite incenses 😛

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Find a moment to relax and immerse yourself in your things, light some incense grains and enjoy that well-deserved rest you’ve been looking for. A peace both physical and spiritual will run through your whole person, although I use it when I have to write, it is as if the mind travels alone 😛

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