Cherry incense, a peculiar aroma

The cherry blossom is possibly one of the most aromatic trees in existence. In Japan this tree is part of the culture and it is customary to hold a festival in its honor. It blooms in spring and is known in Japanese culture as “sakura,” and friends and family gather around the cherry trees to celebrate the festival of “Hanami”.

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Thousands of people spend the day sitting by the cherry blossoms, eating and drinking with their loved ones. They have a good time and enjoy the unmistakable aroma of the cherry blossom. No doubt it must be quite an experience to be able to enjoy this festivity.

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What’s the use of incense? Meaning and uses of incense

This aromatic substance has been around for many years. Incense has been used in religious ceremonies since time immemorial. Long before the appearance of the present religions it was already used by shamans and priests in diverse rituals.

burning incense sticks in front of a Buddhist temple.

It is true that the incense that was used in the past has a great difference with the one we can find on the market today. Today we have a wide variety of incense and containers where we can burn it in the way we like.

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The incense of the 7… will there be more than seven?

This time I’m going to talk about the incense that has a number seven on it. This variety of incense is presented in stick format and you will have to use an incense holder or holder specially designed for burning sticks. Get ready to enjoy a special and very different aroma.

These are the so-called “incense of the 7”

✅ Incense of the seven archangels
✅ Incense of the seven powers
✅ Seven chakra incense
✅ Incense of the seven African powers
✅ Seven Male Incense
✅ Incense for the seven days of the week

These incense varieties have been manufactured to achieve fragrances and aromas that are difficult to find in other types of incense on the market. Personally I have not tried all of them but the one I have been able to try has left me totally surprised 😛

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Vanilla incense, a very sweet aroma

Vanilla is an essence extracted from the pod of a variety of Mexican orchids. This sweet essence has been with us for many years. We can find it in desserts, air fresheners, perfumes, soaps… and of course also in the form of incense.

the flower that has the vanilla before removing the pod is amazing. vanilla incense

This incense is very soft and you will almost certainly like it. But I must tell you a secret before everything, it turns out that the smell that gives off this incense is going to be a real torture, is to light one and after 10 minutes have to go to the fridge to eat something sweet, so goodbye to the diet 😛

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Rose incense, a very loving aroma

What can we say about this unmistakable flower that has such a wonderful aroma. I imagine that you have ever had the opportunity to bring a rose to your nose and enjoy that pleasant smell of love. Roses are still used to give to that person or couple we love so much.

many red roses on a table, some are in a glass vase. rose incense properties red rose incense meaning

The expert craftsmen have known how to express the smell of the rose in a harmonious and very aromatic incense. There are more than a hundred different varieties of roses on our planet but as far as incense is concerned, there are usually four different varieties.

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How to burn incense at home

There is a wide variety and types of incense on the market. There are also various ways of burning incense depending on the format we have purchased. Normally incense can be found in the following ways:

✅ Grain incense

✅ Incense Cones

✅ Incense sticks

an aromatic burning incense stick with a fine, thin flame

Incense can basically be found in three different formats. It is said that all people are not the same so we do not burn incense in the same way either. I like to burn it one way or another depending on the day.

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