Rue incense, a mysterious aroma

The rue is a bush with a strong but very pleasant smell. This plant has been used for hundreds of years as a medicinal plant. It has a greenish colour and its flowers are yellow. It is known that in ancient times rue was used as a food dressing but due to its bitter taste it is no longer used.

yellow flowers of the rue plant. rue incense uses

The essential oil of rue is used to soothe arthritis pain. It is also used to treat wounds in epidermal tissues. This requires applying a few drops of rue oil to the skin and rubbing gently until absorbed.

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Pine incense, the aroma of the forest

Pine is one of the most common trees in Spain. This tree is used to collect its pine nuts or for ornamental or forestry purposes. I am convinced that if you live in Spain you have ever visited a forest or any urban park that had many pines.

two human beings are walking through a pine forest, it's foggy and smells like pine

If so, you will most likely recognize that forest smell that is so associated with the aroma of pine. A fragrance widely used in cleaning products and air fresheners. The smell of pine is a very familiar aroma and maybe that’s why I think you should try pine incense.

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Orange blossom incense, an orange scent

This pleasant fragrance is extracted from orange blossoms. They are white in colour and have a unique aroma capable of transporting us in the middle of an orange grove. In fact these flowers are the ones that come out in orange and lemon trees. The orange blossom is pressed and as a result the essential oil with all its properties is distilled.

white flowers of an orange tree

I’m convinced that orange blossom incense smells even better than the natural flower. It’s in the springtime when the lemon and orange trees bloom. I have never been in the middle of an orange grove, that must be an aromatic experience I wish I could enjoy.

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Incense for love and passion

I’ve always been struck by that peculiar characteristic that people have of smelling things. This is something we started to do at a very young age. We are attracted by the things around us, we touch them, we play with them, we see them and even smell them.

the sensual beauty of a woman sleeping in erotic clothes. passion incense,passion incense,passion flower incense properties,passion flower incense,passion incense,incense for passion,incense and passion,passion incense for jaen,

Perhaps for this reason there are moments in our lives when we come across someone else and a vivid memory comes to mind because we associate that aroma with something that happened to us years ago. Usually these memories are pleasant and for a moment we feel happy and nostalgic.

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Cinnamon incense, a sweet aroma

This incense has a very sweet and penetrating aroma. The cinnamon comes from a tree called cinnamon. Cinnamon is extracted from its bark and used as a spice for food, cosmetics, personal care items and even to make cinnamon incense of exceptional quality.

cinnamon sticks piled up, it's probably for making incense

Cinnamon is used in many products because of its pleasant aroma. It is also used as an aphrodisiac to enliven the body and mind. Cinnamon incense has been used in Asian countries since time immemorial. And this is because the cinnamon tree is native to the Orient.

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Coconut incense, welcome to the Caribbean

What can we say about this pleasant smell of coconut. It’s a characteristic smell that personally reminds me of summer. The big palms full of coconuts and the Caribbean beaches with white sand. Luckily for us we can also find coconut incense to take us to paradisiacal places.

a palm tree on the shore of a Caribbean beach

The aroma is mild, fresh and fills the room with a pleasant smell of coconut. I like to use this variety of incense especially in the spring and summer seasons. In this way I get a coconut breeze through all the rooms in my home.

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