Lemon incense, a citrus aroma

This aroma is possibly one of the best known. The lemon is used a lot to flavour desserts and other recipes. It is also a very popular aroma in household cleaning products. Many air fresheners also use this aroma.

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And that’s because the lemon has something that almost everyone likes. You may not like the taste of lemon but instead enjoy its pleasant citrus smell. Lemon incense also takes advantage of this fruit to make aromatic sticks with this well-known smell.

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Jasmine incense, a spring aroma

Jasmine is a bush with aromatic flowers that is widely cultivated throughout the world. Nowadays they can be grown almost anywhere in the world but they originate from tropical and subtropical areas of the Old World. Without going any further I have a jasmine on the terrace 😛

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It is incredible the aroma that the flowers of this plant give off, and when it says to bloom there is no air freshener that can compete with its pleasant fragrance. Jasmine incense has such an accomplished aroma that soon after lighting it up, the whole house will be smelling of spring.

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Sandalwood incense, an exotic aroma

Sandalwood is a tree native to India and some parts of the Asian continent. It reaches a height of five to eight meters and the type of leaf it has lasts all year. Sandalwood trees are very long-lived and can reach over 100 years of age.

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The part that is used to create incense and other substances such as essential oil, is the wood. It is characteristic for having a unique and truly exotic aroma. This tree is planted in many parts of the planet but none is capable of matching the fragrance given off by Indian sandalwood.

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Lavender incense, a very floral aroma

This plant is possibly one of the most used in the world of aromas. It is a plant that grows in many parts of the planet so over the years it has been gaining ground in the world of aromas. It is very common to find air fresheners and home products with the smell of lavender.

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When spring arrives, the lavender plant starts to flower and fills with purple flowers. I once had the opportunity to visit a lavender crop and was totally impressed with the aroma it gave off. It happened to be a windy day and the smell of lavender was everywhere.

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