It is used to burn incense in the form of cones, grains or shavings. You may have come across a very pleasant aroma when you entered a friend’s house. A smell capable of charging positive energy anywhere.

a natural incense burner you have for burning cones and incense sticks. Cheap incense burners.

You go into his house and look around looking for where that sweet smell of incense comes from. When burning incense there are several methods depending on the incense we are going to burn. For sticks we will need a support or incense holder, although there are burners that can also be placed a stick.

However, if you are looking for an original incense burner I invite you to take a look at our models. We have reflux burners for cones and other models specially designed to burn natural resin. I have one of each to keep changing 😛

HEMFV Soportes de Incienso de cerámica Cascada de reflujo, Fuente de reflujo Quemador de incienso...
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The best selling incense burners in our store

It is said that in variety lies taste and that for taste lies colour so I have prepared a good list of the most requested burners for our customers. Remember that these burners are used to light incense in cone or natural grain form.

✅ Dragon Burner
✅ Buddha Burner
✅ Japanese Burner
✅ Waterfall Burner
✅ Skull Burner
✅ Electric Burner
✅ Wood burner
✅ Clay or mud burner

Get ready because you’re going to see an amazing amount of original burners. You will have to be brave and choose the one you like best, although seeing the amount of different models will be a very complicated decision. Although you can always take more than one 😛

Dragon-shaped incense burner

Possibly this is the most demanded by our customers and is that due to his latest appearances in movies and series, having a dragon at home is very cool. Unfortunately these mythological animals do not live among us so you will have to settle for one of these 😛

An incense smoke spitting dragon. Japanese incense burner. dragon incense burner

Both Harry Potter and Game of Thrones feature incredible, powerful fire-throwing dragons. Our dragons spit the incense smoke out of their mouths slowly impregnating the place with the scent of incense you have chosen to feed your dragon 🙂

Buddha Incense Burner

This sacred figure means a lot to the Buddhist religion, but to others it is a very decorative figure that is very cool. I have a Buddha burner in my living room and it really looks great as a decorative element.

A ceramic Buddha figure placed in front of a pond with fish.

We have different models of Buddha for you to choose from. The finishes are great and they all work the same way. You turn the cone on and watch the smoke flow slowly down. It’s really something hypnotic that you can’t help but watch 😛

Japanese and Tibetan incense burners

Undoubtedly the most classic burners of all time. For hundreds of years this type of model has been used to burn incense and incense grains. It is also possible to place an incense cone inside it and let its aroma come out at the top.

an oriental temple on the lake, more than a temple it looks like something else, but it's very nice to meditate

They are made of copper and other metals. They have a very handmade finish and are reminiscent of the Far East. When you’re not burning incense it will be a very classy decorative element. Possibly the most beautiful incense and charcoal burners.

Cascade Reflow Incense Burner

These original burners have a waterfall where the incense smoke slowly descends until it is suspended at the bottom. The cascade effect that the smoke has sliding slowly is amazing, there are times that I spend a good time watching it fall 😛

a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the forest. buddha waterfall incense burner. resin incense burner

Remember to choose a type of incense that has a scent that you like, although it is best to try different scents to experiment. Cone with a scent that you like, there are a variety of cones with different scents and now that you have an incense burner is the time to try them all 😛

Skull shaped incense burner

A really original model with that touch of darkness that we like so much. There are cultures like the Mexican one that have very present the use of skulls in their religious rituals. They have a festivity where people go out with their faces painted as if they were a skull, the so-called “day of the dead”.

girls with their faces painted with skulls. silver incense burner

It reminds me a lot of the skulls we’ve seen in pirate movies. I imagine Jack Sparrow himself has a skull burner on his ship’s table. Perhaps I should stop selling these original burners and set a course for “King’s Landing” 😛

Electric incense burner

These burners are designed to burn incense essential oil and also incense grain. Some people prefer to burn the natural grain directly on an electric burner, thus saving themselves the trouble of having to mix it with charcoal.

without electricity there is no way to light an electric incense burner. amazon incense burner

They are widely used for aromatherapy and will fill the room with a gentle fragrance of incense. Remember that you can add a little water mixed with a few drops of incense oil, this way you will get a much softer aroma and also the oil will last longer 😛

Wooden incense burner

The most elegant designs in terms of incense burners may be those made of this type of material. The wood used to create these decorative and functional pieces has been carefully carved by carpentry craftsmen.

some trees with a great wood to make wood incense burner. cone incense burner. bamboo incense burner

You can find different models for burning incense in cones and sticks. Personally I would not recommend you to use a wood burner to burn incense grains with charcoal, it is very possible that it will burn due to the charcoal ember 😛

Mud, ceramic or clay burner

Well, if my dear friend, we also have incense burners made by master potters. They are in charge of creating these unique pieces where you can burn any type of incense you wish, and they are also very beautiful.

alfarero dando forma a unos recipientes para quemar incienso. quemador de incienso de barro. quemador de incienso con forma de chimenea

They work great for burning incense grains and cones, just light it and cover it up. You will notice that in a matter of minutes the whole room or place where you are is filled with a soft and penetrating smell, and apart from that you will always have the ash collected 😛

Why buy an incense burner?

Maybe the main reason is to be able to light incense without burning the house down. They are containers designed to place incense and light it without anything dangerous happening, unless you are relaxed or very lively depending on the variety you decide to burn 😛

Quemador de incienso, soporte de incienso de cerámica, quemador de incienso, soporte de incienso de...
  • El paquete incluye: 1 soporte de incienso y 10 conos de incienso de reflujo.
  • Utilizando el método de soporte de incienso de reflujo – enciende el incienso, colócalo en la...
  • Característica – Exquisita mano de obra quemador de incienso, puede ser un mueble clásico, con...
  • Alivia dolores de cabeza quemador de incienso. Nuestra sensación de olor es un camino directo al...
  • Ámbito de aplicación para quemador de incienso: sala de estar, dormitorio, estudio, oficina, sala...

They’re also great at decorating anywhere in the house where we decide to put our burner. There are countless designs made from many different materials. Unfortunately they can’t choose for you so it’s up to you to get your courage up and choose the one you like best.

Quemador de incienso de reflujo con 10 conos de incienso de reflujo, quemador de incienso de...
  • ★ Diseño eleganto: hecho de material cerámico, puede ser una decoración clásica. Si lo colocas...
  • Tamaño pequeño: fácil de transportar y limpiar. Adecuado para el hogar, oficina, casa de té,...
  • ★ En casa – Lit a incienso, cálido y cómodo, y siéntete cómodo, casa como casa. Los...
  • ★ En la oficina – enciende un incienso, aire limpio, refrescante, mantiene un agradable cuerpo y...
  • ★ Garantía de devolución del dinero 100 % – si no estás 100% satisfecho con nuestro producto,...

Incense burners have been used since time immemorial, even today they are still used in religious ceremonies or in places where you can appreciate the taste of breathing a sweet smell of incense. The possibilities of use are unimaginable.

If you are reading this, you still haven’t decided which model of incense burner to buy, for these cases it is best to buy several and place them in different areas of the house. It occurs to me that you can have one for the living room, another for the terrace, the garden … all for selling more burners 😛

How an incense burner works

The operation is very simple but I still explain how it is done so you do not have any problem. If we are going to burn an incense cone because we placed in the area for that purpose of our burner, then light the top with a lighter.

SPYXGS Figura De Cerámica para Damas Nuevo Quemador De Incienso Decoración Personalidad Creativa...
  • En casa: encienda incienso, caliente y cómodo, siéntase cómodo, váyase a casa como en casa.
  • Puede oler el aroma en los primeros 15 minutos de la visita, no solo por cortesía, respeto por los...
  • Hecho de materiales cerámicos, hechos a mano y exquisitos, puede ser una decoración clásica. Si...
  • En la oficina: incienso ligero, aire fresco, refrescante, mantiene un cuerpo y una mente felices y...
  • Tamaño pequeño - fácil de transportar y limpiar. Adecuado para el hogar, oficina, casa de té,...

Now it’s time to enjoy the rich aroma it gives off for at least 45 minutes. Once the smell is gone, it lasts for a while, after which it may be time to light another incense cone, although this time you could try another aroma 😛

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