Sails have been part of our civilization for thousands of years. It’s very likely that they used the wax from the panels of bees they found to feed themselves. Later on, with the use of beekeeping, the whole process of making candles became much simpler.

5 candles lit and 2 extinguished, I think they give off the smell of incense

Our ancestors used candles to light their homes. It has also been used and is still used in rituals and religious ceremonies. There are even some lost tribes in the world that use them to worship the Gods and for some magic spells.

The Candle Company Ttc - Vela aromática de Incienso (40 Horas, Cera, 7 x 7 x 9,3 cm), Color Blanco
  • La vela viene en una caja de color blanco envuelta en celofán.
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  • Tiempo de combustión: 30 horas.

In short, candles have been present in our lives since time immemorial. Over the years, candles have been improved and various aromas have been added, the most common being incense.

many lighted candles

All civilizations have used incense candles for thousands of years. Either for rituals or ceremonies, to invoke the gods or for some kind of magic spell. Incense-scented candles have been around since time immemorial.

Millefiori Natural - Vela perfumada
  • Vela perfumada en vaso de cristal de colores.
  • Millefiori Milano
  • Peso: 180 g.

It’s funny how the ancient Egyptians used scented candles. They used them to contact the spirits and the Gods, and also in many rituals. There were even some who said that after reaching a state of “true dream” they managed to talk to the Gods.

beautiful image of a flower next to 3 incense candles

Today they are widely used in all religions. It doesn’t matter if it is Christmas, a blessing or even an exorcism, wherever there is religion there will be an incense candle. They create a more welcoming atmosphere and manage to aromatize the place with a fragrance that helps to relax from day to day.

Shearer Candles SC0668 - Vela en Recipiente metálico (tamaño Grande), diseño Victoriano, Color...
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  • Tiempo medio de combustión de 40 horas

Nowadays there are candles that can go for many hours without extinguishing the flame. There are even those that exceed 24 hours. Imagine how long it can last if you light it just a few hours a day. The aroma it gives off is mild and remains in the air for a long time.

a fat incense candle that lasts many hours, there are also three small candles lit

What is an incense candle?

It is a candle in which a mixture of wax and essential oil of incense has been used. A very good quality wax and wick is also used. They are designed to last for a long time. In short, an incense candle is nothing more than a normal candle but loaded with an intoxicating aroma.

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  • Esto puede ser un ambiente esencial para reuniones familiares.

There is a wide variety of aromatic candles on the market, but without a doubt the one with the most sensual and penetrating smell is incense. It is capable of creating environments charged with positive energy. Imagine taking a bath under candlelight and at the same time surrounded by a pleasant incense fragrance.

many candles lit to create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere

Why buy and use natural incense candles?

The subdued light of candles helps to create a spiritual and relaxing atmosphere in the room where it is lit. It is widely used by people who want to have a peaceful moment under candlelight. This soft light manages to create good vibrations inside the home.

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These candles are great for scenting the house with a sweet and gentle fragrance. At the same time they are used to camouflage bad smells from the home, such as tobacco. Anyway if you are a smoker it is always good to air the room from time to time.

three burning incense candles, different shapes and sizes

Light a candle every time you want to have a quiet moment. Sometimes you feel like turning off the light and lighting some candles around the room. They create a unique atmosphere and if they give off a smell you will have a very passionate atmosphere. Imagine being in the bathtub and enjoying a moment of absolute tranquillity.

Vela aromática de incienso y flores para mujer 200 g (2,5 pulgadas)
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These types of candles work very well for your yoga or tai chi sessions, I am convinced that they will help you achieve absolute spiritual relaxation. They are ideal for calming the stress and anxiety you come home with after a long day’s work.

it's time to start practicing yoga by candlelight

When I get home there are days when I like to get on the computer and unplug. That’s when I enjoy lighting an incense candle and turning off the lights. It’s an ideal environment to get away from the day and spend some time reading on the internet.

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The candles are not only for our own use. They are widely used in celebrations and ceremonies of any religion. The difference is that these candles usually have a size and durability that has nothing to do with incense candles. Not all the candles used by the church are aromatic.

Landon Tyler Salco Cirio de Iglesia (150 Horas Vela
204 Opiniones
Landon Tyler Salco Cirio de Iglesia (150 Horas Vela
  • Landon Tyler 150 hr Church Candle
  • 7cm l x 7cm w x 23cm h
  • Cream

Ceremonial candles are very aromatic and while they are lit they give off an aroma that is truly reminiscent of burning incense from a censer. It is a very liturgical aroma but without being as penetrating as church incense.

many lighted and flaming candles

I’m almost sure you’ll manage to have a little spiritual oasis in your house with these candles. I recommend that you light some candles around the house and let them light up the room. For a moment I’m sure you’ll have that absolute peace and quiet you’ve been looking for.

Set Voodoo Paz y armonía en la casa VK-07
  • El juego incluye 2 velas Voodoo, 2 juegos de varillas de incienso, mantel Voodoo.
  • Voodoo Vela "Protección contra los enemigos" V -09
  • Vela Voodoo "Paz y armonía en el matrimonio" V - 22
  • Incienso Voodoo Brigit
  • Voodoo Marassa Jemax - Incienso

You can find scented candles of different colors and aromas. There’s even a candle with the scent of palo santo wood. These smell great but if you really want to try a really good smell I recommend you to try directly with palo santo incense.

Candles are also used to create peaceful environments indoors. There are some elderly or even sick people who need to relax their minds. They are good for reducing the anxiety that comes with being sick. They are great for calming down and deep meditation.

incense candle creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere. incense candle where to buy

The natural candles are made of wax or paraffin that combined with incense essential oils, manage to create stimulating fragrances for people. By lighting them a sweet and pleasant aroma will spread throughout the room or area of the house you want.

If you are looking for candles that smell a lot or candles that really smell, you may find it on this page. But remember that what some people find a strong smell for others is a mild aroma. It is best to try it and experience it for yourself 😛

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