We have a wide variety of incense cones to give your home that mystical and aromatic touch that you like so much. In our shop you can find cones of different aromas, types and sizes. I love to try new smells all the time, do you have the same problem? 😛

each cone color is a totally different smell. incense cone, reflux cones. what is reflux incense? cone shaped incense.

What kind of cone are you looking for?

Depending on the incense burner you’re going to use, you’ll be better off with one cone or another. Cones with a hole in the middle are good for creating the smoke cascade effect. For this type of cone you need a reflux incense burner.

Conos de Reflujo incienso chakra goloka calidad superior, lata de cartón y metal 18 conos de una de...
28 Opiniones
Conos de Reflujo incienso chakra goloka calidad superior, lata de cartón y metal 18 conos de una de...
  • Disfruta del aroma muy especial y de la cascada de humo.
  • Contiene 18 conos.
  • Duración aprox. 20 min

If your idea is exclusively to aromatize environments the ideal is to use incense in large cones or without a hole. Although you will still be able to light reflux cones on a clay or wood burner, the only difference is that you will not have the cascade effect 😛

Satya Nag Champa Super Hit Incense Cones, 12 packs of 12
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Satya Nag Champa Super Hit Incense Cones, 12 packs of 12
  • 12 Paquetes x 12 conos.
  • Un producto de Satya Nag Champa.
  • Fabricado en la India por Shrinivas Sugandhalaya.
  • Úselo para crear el ambiente perfecto.
  • Paquete reciclable.

Whatever type of cone you are looking for, they all have things in common and are made from high quality incense. They also tend to last approximately 40 minutes after they have been lit. It is curious how the smell remains in the room for a long time after the cone has been extinguished.

The best selling incense cones in our online shop

Differences between a reflux cone and a normal cone

As I briefly summarized above, the difference is in the center hole of the cone. This small hole in the cone allows the smoke, which is denser than air, to fall downwards. In order to enjoy the cascade of smoke, it is necessary to have a reflux incense burner.

a cone of reflux lit and releasing smoke down the waterfall. Look at the combinations I make: reflux incense cones, reflux incense cone, reflux incense cones.

I have a resemblance to the one above and if I am honest with you when I light a cone I stay a good while watching how the smoke flows slowly down. It is a very relaxing moment and to combine it with the rich aroma that it gives off is as if it were something hypnotic 😛

natural incense cones for mud, clay or tibetan burners without reflux. incense cones, incense cone, incense cone, incense cone What a bunch of cones hahaha incense cones.

Cones that don’t have holes smell just like the others, the only difference is that they won’t work properly if your idea is to use them in a reflux burner. If you’re just looking to scent the environment I’m sure they’ll do their job 😉

How to light an incense cone?

To tell you the truth there is not much mystery about how to light incense cones. The best and fastest way is with a lighter. Although if you have a candle lit it will work just as well, a few matches will work just as well.

a human holding a reflux incense cone in his hand, and it is lit but does not burn. how to burn incense cones? how to use incense cones

I usually place the cone on the burner and light the top with the lighter. If flame comes out we blow it gently to extinguish it and let the smoke start flowing. You can also take it from the bottom with your hand and light the tip, this is usually done if you have a candle lit 😛

GUOYIHUA Reflujo de Incienso Conos Reflujo Natural Cono Fragante Ambientador de Aire, Paquete de 45
  • ?Pequeños conos de incienso encantadores también pueden decorar su hogar acogedor.
  • ?Después del arduo trabajo del día, encender un incienso puede sentir fatiga y calmar su estado de...
  • ?Se puede encender en el comedor, en el dormitorio o incluso en el inodoro para limpiar el mal olor.
  • ?Adecuado para la decoración de su dormitorio en interiores.
  • ?Un buen regalo para tu familia o amigos.

Remember not to burn incense near a curtain or things that light easily, our idea is to enjoy a very pleasant aroma around the house and relax for a while. Burning incense at home is not dangerous but we must take extreme precautions 😛

Why buy incense cones?

They are great for creating an atmosphere of peace and quiet in the home. It is also widely used in offices or workplaces. There are incenses that help you concentrate and stimulate your creativity. You can’t even imagine the types of incense and uses for each one 😛

different types of incense. cinnamon cones incense. waterfall burner fountain incense cones.

There are times when I have guests at home and I like to light an incense cone in front of them, mostly so they can enjoy the waterfall effect that the smoke creates shortly after it is lit. I am amazed at how the smoke slowly descends 😛

Hengbaixin 45 Piezas/Paquete de Conos Naturales aromaterapia Torre Incienso té Humo Reflux sándalo...
  • Los conos de incienso están hechos de madera natural en polvo, polvo de fragancia, polvo de sabor...
  • Tiene un buen efecto para insomnio, ansiedad, estrés, irritación, depresión.
  • Aroma: lavanda.
  • Lugares adecuados: estudio, sala de estar, oficina, sala de meditación, estudio de yoga.
  • Encender un incienso, cálido y cómodo. Un buen olor de incienso antes de la visita de los...

A few minutes after lighting it up and giving off that sweet aroma, you can notice how much more pleasant the atmosphere is. You have to see how good a host it makes you look when you light incense, and for the record I’m a terrible host, to tell you that I don’t even have beer in the fridge 😛

There are times when I like to start writing articles like this in front of the computer and I almost always light incense to make the words flow on their own. There are times when I write some nonsense but I always try that you can understand everything I write, even if sometimes I do it regularly 😉

Crottendorfer incienso – fresa vainilla, Paquete de 24
  • Tamaño M, 24 conos de incienso
  • Original crottendorfer conos de incienso
  • Fabricado en Alemania.
  • Aromas: Fresh Strawberry y fuerte Vainilla

As you may have seen, we have different aromas and varieties of incense cones. My recommendation is that you try the ones that catch your attention, you’ll see that over time you create a collection of aromas that you like, but if I tell you the truth I like them all 😛

In addition to natural incense cones and reflux incense cones, you can also find these products:

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