Our skin loses moisture during the day, but our body that is so wise provides it with water to rehydrate it constantly. The problem comes when the skin does not receive enough moisture and starts to get dry and rough. That’s where incense extract cream comes in.

woman gathering incense-scented cream for wrinkles

There are incense creams with the anti-inflammatory properties of the tree known as Boswellia. The resin produced by the variety “bostwellia sacra” has many pharmaceutical uses. Apart from treating inflamed areas, this cream also moisturizes the skin and leaves a really pleasant incense aroma.

Fisiocrem Solugel - Gel de masaje para cuello, hombros y espalda con Arnica, 250 ml
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Fisiocrem Solugel - Gel de masaje para cuello, hombros y espalda con Arnica, 250 ml
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We have anti-aging creams. Obviously no anti-wrinkle cream works miracles, but this one uses incense extract that comes in handy to hide those little wrinkles that come with age. I’ve been using this kind of cream for a while and it’s going great.

Frankincense anti-wrinkle cream

There are many anti-aging creams on the market but I bet none smells better than these. The smell of incense is very intense and sweet. I’ve even been asked what kind of perfume I use, and when I tell them it’s the smell of incense cream they are amazed.

Incense-scented hand cream

Because when it comes to hydration, not just any cream on the market will do. There are many that leave your hands smeared and you can’t touch anything without staining it. Incense is very effective because of its moisturizing effect. You will see that in just a few minutes your hands will be hydrated and without the sensation of staining what you touch.

girl moisturizing her hands with incense cream

Anti-inflammatory cream with Boswellia extract

Sometimes you notice your legs and arms are a little swollen, like your blood circulation is a little slower than normal. This incense cream is great for reviving those numb muscles and also gives your skin a glow and a scent you’ve never experienced before.

Incense cream to hydrate the body

This cream is specially formulated to hydrate the body. It is usually of very good quality and with a little smell that I love. I’ve been using it for everything. It moisturizes the skin like no other so I use it for the face too, especially when I’ve been in the summer sun for a long time.

Incense cream can be used at any age, it has no side effects except that of impregnating your little baby with a pleasant sweet smell. Our creams are fantastic for any type of person no matter what age they are.

putting cream on the baby's face

Why buy incense cream?

Our skin is exposed to the inclemency of the weather, it is the most external organ of our body. There are times of the year that need special care. With the cold our skin tends to crack and lose elasticity. This is where a good cream with incense extract benefits our epidermis.

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Neal 's Yard Remedies – Incienso Intens Lift Crema | ayuda a redefinir su contorno facial, dejar...
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In summer it is great for moisturizing and toning our skin. But remember not to abuse the sun too much, it is better to take short sessions of half an hour than a whole 5 hours. Incense cream works great to give our skin a touch of elasticity. You will also get a perfect tan due to the optimal hydration of a good incense cream.

A woman is at the beach and uses cream to moisturize her skin

We have seen that there are anti-aging creams that help fight aging. They are formidable for eliminating those small facial wrinkles that appear with age. But they are not miraculous either, don’t expect to look 10 years younger than you do, no cream on the market does.

Do you have stretch marks, scars or skin that’s a little flabby?

If there’s one thing I like about this cream it’s how well it works on sagging skin. There are times when you lose weight too quickly and your skin feels very loose, which is where a good cream with incense extract shows its full potential. Not that you’ll notice results overnight, but if used frequently you can be pleasantly surprised.

female thigh with stretch marks

It is used a lot to treat stretch marks or scars on our body. Little by little you will notice how your skin recovers the elasticity lost over the years. But be careful, this does not mean that you will get back the skin you had when you were 15 years old. Age is noticeable in our bodies, and it is impossible to stop ageing.

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I have never tried it but I have read that incense oil mixed with cream still has a more penetrating effect on the skin. As I have seen the results are better than even using creams specially indicated for scars or stretch marks, it is a matter of trying.

incense essential oil to mix with the cream and enhance its moisturizing effect

Frankincense is a powerful astringent and works very well to protect your skin cells. You may have noticed that using an incense cream has many advantages, apart from deep moisturizing it also cares for it at the cellular level. Now I understand why I am always seven years younger than I really am.

These creams made with oils and incense extract are used to reduce and fight acne. I can’t tell you how they work because it’s been a while since I was young. However, as I read in some forums, there was always someone who used it with good results.

Neal 's Yard – Crema de incienso intensa antiedad 50 g
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What is certain is that you will see your skin as more luminous and brighter than usual. It’s not like you’re going to have baby skin, but you can really feel it getting smoother and softer. It gives your skin a younger, more cheerful look and it moisturizes it beautifully.

woman in front of her boudoir is seen with great skin

As you may have read, the properties of incense are diverse, among them the one of retaining water inside the cells, thus preventing the dehydration of your skin and avoiding having it rough and dry. I have tried many body creams but these with incense are my favourites.

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SUPERFLEX-6 - Fórmula avanzada para el cuidado de las articulaciones (glucosamina, condroitina,...
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Incense contains a substance that is fantastic for increasing the elasticity of the skin. We will manage to give a younger and more beautiful look to our body and face. This already depends on the type of cream we are going to use. Whether you decide on a face cream or a body cream I am convinced you will love the results.

Besides incense cream, you can also find these products:

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