If you are going to burn incense sticks, the ideal is to have an incense holder. In this way you will have all the ash left by the burning of the stick in one place. We have many different models of holders so you can choose the one you like best.

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We also have a wide variety of cone incense burners. Another very original way to aromatize the environment but this time with reflux incense. Both are good methods of burning incense but this is already a matter of taste 😛

30.5 cms Hand Carved Wooden Incense Stick Holder Coffin Box with Brass Elephant Inlay Housewarming...
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30.5 cms Hand Carved Wooden Incense Stick Holder Coffin Box with Brass Elephant Inlay Housewarming...
  • Las dimensiones del soporte son Longitud - 30,4 cm x Ancho - 5 cm x Altura - 6.3 cm
  • Hechos a mano desde el palo de rosa indio fuerte y durable - uno de los mejores de la madera rico en...
  • Coloque sus conos de incienso o dhoop en las dos ollas de latón o iluminar sus varitas de incienso...
  • El tallas llamativos y embutido de bronce han sido mano trabajó con pasión y atención al detalle
  • Hecho a mano en Saharanpur, el centro de artesanía de la India - mundialmente famosa por todo y...

You can find incense holders made of different materials. One of the most used is wood, although you can also find them in metal and ceramic. I have one carved in bamboo wood that works great and looks very nice on the table 🙂

The best selling incense holders in our shop

Remember that once you have chosen the one you like best you will need incense sticks. We have an extensive catalogue of incense where you can find the most sought-after aromas. The truth is that there is a great variety of incense to choose from, the ideal is to take a few 😛

We have supports and incense holders in many different ways:

We are already a few billion people living on earth, so imagine the amount of different tastes that exist. That’s why we have made available to you the incense holders most demanded by our customers. It is possible that among all of them you will find a very nice one 😉

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As I said before, I use a fairly simple wooden one, but it works great. You’re actually not going to have any problems with these incense holders. You’ll see that they all have a hole where you can put the end of the stick so you can set it on fire without burning yourself.

Waterfall Incense Holder

This type of support usually comes with both options built in. This means you’ll be able to burn incense cones and sticks. This is good because there are times when we prefer to enjoy an aroma that is not in both formats, so you can burn incense whenever you want 😛

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Actually, this comes in handy if you want to combine several aromas. You’ll be surprised at the new fragrances that appear when you burn two different types of incense. Try placing a vanilla cone and a jasmine stick, you’ll see what a great combination these two aromas make 🙂

Dragon Incense Holder

Possibly one of the best-selling incense holders. Because we have to accept that dragons are fashionable. Here the same thing happens as with the waterfall ones, you will find supports only for sticks and others that combine cones and sticks.

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The effect of the smoke falling from the dragon’s mouth is amazing. Remember that it looks better in an area where there is no ventilation, so you can enjoy the slow descent of the smoke. The truth is that the first time I saw it I was really surprised, to this day I still am 😛

Wood or bamboo incense holder

The incense-burning stands of a lifetime. I remember when I was barely fifteen that my mother already had one of these around the house. When I got a little older I bought another one for me and my brother, you can imagine the aroma we had at home every day 😛

consecutive dark-coloured wooden boards.

The operation is very simple, you place the rod at one end, light it and the ash falls on the wooden tray. Remember to empty it from time to time because it can end up looking like a chimney after a few days, if you have plants around the house you can throw it on the ground 🙂

Incense holder with cover

A more sophisticated version of the wooden supports. In this case we find some nice wooden boxes with lids. This way you can have everything well collected when we are not burning incense. There are also some with a compartment to store the sticks.

incense stick lit, no more.

They’re really comfortable if you’re going to carry them around the house. The ashes will stay inside the tray and this way you will avoid filling everything with ashes. It is always the case that no matter how careful you are, some ashes will fall on the table, but with this incense holder it will not happen 😛

Buddha incense holder

If you’re looking for an elegant design, this is probably what you’re looking for. This incense holder on a small table or the furniture in the corridor is very original. Although any place is good to have a Buddha figure although I imagine that you must already have the chosen place 😛

buddha figure but we only see his head.

You can find models that allow you to burn several incense sticks at the same time. Others bring the option of burning cones and sticks so you can light the one you like best. Try to combine some aromas, you will be surprised by the new fragrances that come out of some mixtures.

Japanese style incense holder

The original Japanese incense-burning stands could not be missing. These have the particularity of placing the stick completely vertically. The ash will fall into the circular tray so don’t be afraid because these incense holders are really clean 😛

the water lily is very similar to the lotus flower.

The shape simulates a lotus flower, a very spiritual symbol for Orientals. They have a simple and minimalist design that combines with home decoration. On a table or even on the hall furniture, any place is good to place a Japanese incense holder.

What is an incense holder and how is it used

It is a container where you can burn incense sticks comfortably. They are usually shaped like a tray to collect the ashes released by the burning of the stick. In this way we get to have the area of burning incense clean and well ordered.

Piquaboo Quemador de Incienso con cenicero y Calaveras de Metal – Longitud 23 cm
  • Material: metal.
  • Tiene capacidad para una varita de incienso y un cono de incienso.
  • Ese pequeño algo que hace que incluso un regalo pequeño sea GENIAL.
  • Longitud: 23 cm.

The operation is very simple, just place the wooden end of the wand in the hole. Then we turn it on and if it comes out, we put it out until only the breaststroke remains. I bet you won’t have any problem when you light it 😛

Why buy an original incense holder?

They are very comfortable and easy to use and you will be able to burn incense sticks anywhere. They are also great for keeping ashes from falling everywhere. Normally, the ash is deposited on the tray as the incense is burned.

a ceramic or porcelain incense holder, I'm not sure.

You can find a wide variety of original supports. There are the typical wooden ones but with elegant designs. We also have Buddha and waterfall shaped ones. If you are looking for a Japanese style support you will be surprised by the beautiful and original models we have.

EQLEF Quemador de Incienso Ash Catcher, Quemador de Incienso Largo Natural del Mundo con Accesorios...
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EQLEF Quemador de Incienso Ash Catcher, Quemador de Incienso Largo Natural del Mundo con Accesorios...
  • ✾✾Burn Quemador de incienso de hoja: la forma de esta novedad quemador de incienso está...
  • ✾✾Incienso Catcher de incienso: el orificio en la cola de la hoja hará que los palos solo...
  • ✾✾Antique House Decor: Great natural quemadores de incienso parece simple pero vintage, bonita...
  • ✾✾Sensador de incienso en miniatura: El incienso quemador viene con un lindo quemador de...
  • ✾✾100% de garantía de satisfacción: 1 x porta incienso, tamaño 11.0 "x 0.8" (28 x 2 cm); 1 x...

Some bring the option of being able to burn wands and cones. Something very interesting if you are looking to combine aromas to find new blends that you like even more. I almost forgot something, there are models that allow you to place several wands so that the aroma is much more intense.

Zap Impex ® Porta-Incienso de Hoja de Metal y ceniceros (Ganesh Figurine)
  • La forma hermosa de la hoja la hace una adición perfecta a un templo, a una mesa ocasional, oa...
  • Quemar incienso en uno de estos hermosos porta-incienso de metal oxidado hecho a mano y ceniceros.
  • Perfeccione para los regalos festivos, los regalos de la Navidad, los regalos de Diwali, los regalos...
  • Hecho a mano en India.Minor variación en la forma del diseño El tamaño y la textura del color se...
  • Dimensiones: LxAxA: 22,5 x 5 x 3 cm (aprox) Material: metal oxidado Color: lacado mate

Remember to empty the ashes out of the container from time to time. It’s happened to me once that you burn wands and say “I’ll clean it up later”. But time goes by and in the end you end up with more ashes on the tray than the one generated in a St. John’s fire 😛

Besides an incense holder or a cheap incense holder, you can also find these products:

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