Perfume has been around for so long that it is difficult to know exactly when it was first used. In ancient Rome it was already used frequently by the nobility. Legend has it that Alexander the Great was very fond of using perfume of different scents.

incense perfume of great quality. 7 loewe incense

Cologne or perfume?

The eternal question you always ask yourself when it’s your turn to buy a new fragrance. The difference is that the cologne contains between 5 and 10% of aromatic oils and the perfume is made up of 15 and 25% of essential oils. That’s why the fragrance of a perfume lasts longer and more intensely.

Emporio Armani Acqua di Giò Profumo 40 ml - eau de parfum (Hombres, Bergamota, Marine, Geranium,...
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Emporio Armani Acqua di Giò Profumo 40 ml - eau de parfum (Hombres, Bergamota, Marine, Geranium,...
  • Fragancia de la familia olfativa Aromática Acuática para Hombres
  • La Nariz detrás de esta fragrancia es Alberto Morillas
  • Las Notas de Salida son bergamota y notas marinas
  • Las Notas de Corazón son geranio, romero y salvia
  • Las Notas de Fondo son pachulí y incienso

Human beings have always been immensely curious about scents, which is why there are hundreds of fragrances and perfumes for men and women today. As a curiosity, the aroma of incense has been present in these mixtures since time immemorial.

incense perfume for men and women

This unmistakable incense aroma is used to make the most sensual and seductive fragrances on the market. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why this type of perfume is one of the most sought-after. This aroma with touches of incense will give you a touch of exclusivity, I am convinced that there will be no one around you with a unique smell.

Perfume de Mujer LAROME (61F) ml
  • Garantia Aroma-Perdura. Mas duración

Incense-scented perfume for men

You are looking for a penetrating fragrance with a special aroma but you can’t find it. So you haven’t yet tried a perfume with hints of incense. This fragrance is bold and gives off a scent that I’m convinced will make you talk.

incense-scented perfume for men

It has happened to me that I have gone out one weekend night with a friend to have a few drinks to get out of the rut. I remember one day this friend came to my house to go out together. It turns out he forgot to put on his most precious cologne.

Luckily for my friend I have several bottles of perfume in my house, it’s something I love. So talking a little bit about our stuff I gave him a taste of my new incense perfume I had bought. He was amazed by its smell and sprayed some of this fragrance down his neck and wrists.

a bottle of incense perfume on the glass table

Well, the fun part was during the night when we were sitting in a pub having a drink. It was not once but twice that he was asked that night about the perfume he was wearing. I never thought that cologne would be so successful and I was already looking forward to wearing it the next weekend.

Bentley Bentley for Men Intense Eau De Parfum 100 ml
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Bentley Bentley for Men Intense Eau De Parfum 100 ml
  • Notas de salida de pimienta negra, incienso y geranio
  • Notas del corazón de clary sage, labdanum y cuero
  • Notas de base de cedro, pachulí y sándalo
  • Cantidad del producto de 100 ml

Incense-scented perfume for women

A girl already looks great without any kind of fragrance, yet she always looks for that special aroma that stands out above the rest. Incense perfume is a must in any woman’s boudoir. No doubt this perfume with a touch of incense will become your “ace up your sleeve”.

an incense-scented perfume for women

A sweet and penetrating fragrance that will make all eyes and desires turn in your direction. The most valued and sought-after perfumes on the market are usually what make you stand out from the crowd. A perfume of incense will open the way in all senses.

You will have to be prepared to face the challenge of going out in the street with such an incredible perfume. You can’t imagine how many men ask you about your fragrance. It will also happen with your friends and more daring women, I am convinced that a perfume with touches of incense is always a good choice.

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  • Annick Goutal Ambre Fetiche for Men 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Spray
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Why buy incense-scented perfume?

In ancient Mesopotamia it was already a tradition to mix flowers with incense to get the scent of the gods. Over the years that subtle fragrance has become a perfume for men and women with a scent that will make anyone who comes across you unable to avoid smelling your delicate fragrance.

jars containing various incense-scented colonies

According to history, frankincense and myrrh were the first perfumed incenses that existed. It’s a gift from the Gods for humans to smell good. It is true that the aroma of burning incense is really absorbent and very sweet, but in a perfume this mixture of essences must be the authentic “aroma of the Gods”.

Issey Miyake Nuit D'Issey Parfum Vapo 125 Ml 125 g
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Issey Miyake Nuit D'Issey Parfum Vapo 125 Ml 125 g
  • Notas altas de pomelo y pimienta rosa
  • Notas medias de cuero y vainilla
  • Notas base de tonka bean y pachulí
  • Cantidad del producto de 125 ml

When you light an incense stick it gives off a soothing and intoxicating aroma. An incense perfume warms slowly with our body temperature, so imagine the potential partners you are losing by not using an incense-scented perfume.

Perfumers have shown that the combination of incense with other compounds, can result in real masterpieces of the aroma. Incense combines brilliantly with other woody and floral substances, so the number of mixtures is amazing. Some are fresh, others sweet, more passionate…

a man is going to put on incense

Incense plays a very important role in perfumery, thanks to its resinous smell it is a guarantee of success when combined with other elements. It is very soluble in alcohol and all its aroma is captured in the mixture, turning the perfume into a kind of erotic soup to wear on weekends.

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