This plant is native to India and is appreciated for its pleasant aroma of incense. It grows to about 70 centimeters high, but ideally it should be hung from the ceiling and let its long stems fall down. They are great for hanging in a well-lit kitchen or on terraces and patios where you can enjoy their fragrance.

incense plant and money incense

The incense plant is great for decorating and will also fill the room with a mild aroma of incense. Something very characteristic of these plants is the ease with which they can be cared for. We should water it when the soil is dry, and from time to time provide it with a little fertilizer to keep it growing.

This aromatic plant is very grateful and with just a few minimum cares it will be healthy. It is true that if we take care of keeping it well watered and fertilized we will have a healthy and very colorful “money plant”. It will only take a few minutes and I assure you that you will have a beautiful incense plant.

Why should you have an incense plant?

They are ideal to be in a pot in the house or in the back yard, and their care is really easy. The leaves are small and green with a white stripe around them. The edge of the leaf is reminiscent of a saw blade that combines beautifully with the white edge of the leaf.

a spring-flowering insipid plant

The flowers of this plant appear in the form of a bunch and are usually white and very but very clear violet. The aroma that these spring flowers give off is very pleasant. If you have a jasmine nearby you will enjoy the mixture of aromas offered by these two aromatic plants.

incense flower seen from various perspectives

This plant has a fairly fast growth, but if you want to have an incense plant at its best you will have to water the pot when needed. This is very easy to do, if we see that the surface part of the soil is dry it is time to water.

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A good idea is to combine different types of aromatic plants to create very pleasant floral fragrances. The incense plant goes great with rue, lavender, rosemary, jasmine and even thyme. However, each plant should be kept in a separate pot for optimal growth.

Its pleasant aroma makes the use of air fresheners not so necessary. The best of all is when spring arrives and the first flowers appear. That’s when you understand the reason for this plant’s name. Not that it smells the same as lighting incense, but it has a softer but very similar aroma.

incense plants to hang from the ceiling

How to burn incense plant?

Unfortunately this plant is not suitable for burning its leaves and expect the same result as lighting an incense stick. This variety of plant is decorative and aromatic. However, they give off a fragrance that will flood the environment but without being able to carry it. So we can say that we should have an incense plant for its freshness and beauty.

If your idea is to have this plant to dry its leaves and then burn them as incense aroma, then it is not my intention to disillusion you but it is not the end we seek with the incense plant. What you can do is have many and well cared for and see your whole house is flooded with a special aroma.

Basic care for our incense plant

In the following video we will be able to know in a summarized way the necessary cares that we must follow to have healthy and beautiful incense plants. This plant is also very resistant but if we pay more attention to it we will have a beautiful specimen of “Plectranthus madagascariensis”, although we better call it “incense plant 😛

How should we take care of an incense plant?

First of all we must remember that this plant is of tropical origin, this means that it is not very friendly to cold climates. If you live in an area where the winters are not too cold, you will be able to have it even in your patio. Inside the house the plant grows normally no matter what the season.

Let’s get to work and go a little deeper into the care of this aromatic plant. You will be surprised how easy it is to care for and how quickly it adapts to its new home. Whether you decide to put it inside the house or have room on the terrace or in the garden, you will enjoy it very much with its sweet and gentle aroma of incense.

by pouring water with a watering can over the insipid plants

Watering in an incense plant

This is the most important part of caring for our plants, without water there is no life. As always in this life everything will depend on several factors. One important detail will be the season of the year we are in. The plants need more water in spring and summer than in the cold seasons.

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An infallible trick for knowing when to water is to look at the surface of the earth. If we see that the substrate is still wet we understand that the plant does not say that it has enough water for now. On the other hand, if the surface is dry, it is time to water it.

If we have the incense plant hanging from the ceiling or from a shelf, we take the pot down and look to see if the top is dry. If it is, we pour some water on it. Just enough water to soak up the substrate, but not too much. If we see water coming out from under the pot, we have over-watered.

plant with pot and roof hooks

It seems that we shouldn’t have any problem regarding watering, remember that this simple trick works for any type of plant we have at home or in the yard. The plants we have inside our home will not need to be watered too often, but we should be more attentive to those in the yard.

What is the best substrate for an incense plant?

Normally when you buy the plant it comes with a worn out soil and no nutrients. It is advisable to prepare a new pot with quality substrate. Personally I like to mix the soil with worm humus. This way we get the plant to adapt quickly to its new home.

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Anyway, any universal substrate you can find in a shopping centre can help you. The substrate is the soil where the roots will be, the higher the quality the more our incense plant grows and the more beautiful we will have it. However, the nutrients in the substrate are exhausted after a few months.

It is certain that a good universal substrate mixed to 50 percent with earthworm humus will manage to retain greater amount of water. This way we will not have to water so often, and the plant will absorb the nutrients according to its needs.

How to fertilize our incense plant?

The best thing to do in these cases is to buy an ecological fertilizer to continue to nourish our beloved incense plants. It has been 2 to 3 months and the substrate is practically exhausted. This is something inevitable in pot crops, if we had it planted in the ground we would not have any problem.

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Unfortunately this is something that happens whenever you have potted plants. In these cases what we must do is to mix together with the watering water a liquid fertilizer that provides nutrients to our plant. When we water these nutrients, they are deposited in the substrate and the plant has enough food again to show its best flowers.

incense plant flowering because it has a very good

If we do not fertilize our incense plant will continue to grow but very slowly. So it is advisable to supply fertilizer once a week or following the fertilizer recommendations written on the jar. I am convinced that you will have no problem doing this.

How should we prune the incense plant?

This plant grows like a bush, upwards and sideways. Here we will have to take out our gardener’s vein and get some scissors to touch up our incense plant. You will see that this type of pruning is very simple and will only take a few minutes.

a young incense plant in a grey pot

The idea is to prune the tips of the branches so that new branches will grow. In this way we get a new branch that will result in 2 or 3 new branches with a multitude of leaves. If, on the other hand, we want to have a very tall plant, it will be enough to remove the dry leaves and the withered stems.

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This way we will get an incense plant with thick stems and reaching almost a meter in height. As we have seen this already depends on the type of form we want to give it. I prefer a branched plant with many leaves, this way we get a plant with many aromatic leaves.

In the following video you can see how we should prune an incense plant correctly. Watch how you cut the branches without any fear, I have told you before that this plant grows very fast, and if we maintain a good substrate and fertilize it regularly we will have a great plant.

How does an incense plant reproduce?

This plant is reproduced by means of cuttings. The ideal way to get these cuttings to take root is to have them in a temperate environment. A good time of year would be late autumn and spring. The process of cutting is relatively easy.

In the video above it is explained in a formidable way. However, I’ll explain it to you here anyway. We should cut the branches with a minimum of 3 intersections or branching crosses. Then we can prick them into a wet but not waterlogged substrate.

There is no need to scrape the bottom of the stem, nor will it be necessary to add growth hormones. The incense plant has a fairly high rooting power. So just by keeping the substrate moist and having them in a warm place we will see how in two weeks they start to pull up.

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However, I always prefer to stimulate the roots with growth hormones. This way we get the plant to form the roots as soon as possible. This way we can enjoy our new plants in the shortest possible time.

If we see that the substrate is drying out and the new roots have not yet sprouted, then we should moisten it. But keep in mind that they do not have roots yet and they will not be able to absorb water. So we must be careful not to water the substrate to avoid any kind of root rot.

a perfectly healthy incense plant

Pests and diseases of the incense plant

They are usually very resistant plants although they are not totally immune to some pests or diseases. It also depends on where we have placed our plant. Because it is very likely that if we have it inside our house absolutely nothing will happen to it.

On the other hand, if we have it in the patio or planted in the garden, the film changes a bit there. In this case it is possible that some slugs and snails are attracted by its aroma and decide to try a little taste of its leaves. So if this happens then all we have to do is remove these guests from our plants.

a money plant incense in the backyard

Some insects may also be comfortable in the shelter of their leaves. For these cases it is best to spray a mixture of water and potassium soap from time to time. Apart from keeping annoying insects away we manage to protect our plant from fungus and mould on the leaves. This is very common in cold and humid climates.

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This product is also good for treating mosquito or whitefly infestation. Although it is not harmful to the plant, it is an annoying pest that must be eliminated as soon as possible. The best way to do it is always by anticipation, if we have a healthy plant it will be less likely to be attacked by insects.

Another problem to take into account is the lack of watering. If we get confused, it is possible that some leaves start to wilt and eventually dry out. This can be solved by watering more frequently. On the other hand, excess watering is also harmful. So a medium term is the solution in these cases.

Another thing I forgot to tell you is that this plant is good for keeping annoying mosquitoes away. I’m sure you’ll have a great time taking care of one of these incense plants, also known as money plants.

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