Burning incense is more than just scenting spaces and perfuming a certain place. Incense has been used in rituals and religious ceremonies for thousands of years. It has taken a long time to achieve the perfect incense stick in terms of duration and aroma.

an incense stick releasing smoke with an amazing aroma

The incense sticks are made of very good quality materials, so that a single stick of incense can last more than 30 minutes when lit. Because it has taken thousands of sticks for hundreds of years to find the perfect formula.

Luckily for us the incense sticks you can find on this page are made by craftsmen who mould and shape the incense mass on a bamboo stick. The smell when burned has also been improved in an outstanding way.

The most sold incense sticks in our online shop

Why buy incense sticks?

It is possibly the fastest way to scent the environment. There is a large selection of different types of incense on the market. There are so many that it will be difficult to choose just one. I always like to have different types of incense sticks and try them out.

someone has lit some very aromatic incense sticks outside the house, it smells great although I have no idea because it's an image. for incense fans

If a new aroma comes out, because I like to try it, there are times when it smells great and others when it’s not what I expected. But this is something that happens with everything. And since I always say what one person might like very much to another, it is possible that they might like it less. The best thing is to try different aromas.

Chakra Aromaterapia Fragancia Natural los Palos perfumados - Promueve la Salud y el ser-20 Incienso...
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Chakra Aromaterapia Fragancia Natural los Palos perfumados - Promueve la Salud y el ser-20 Incienso...
  • Aromaterapia, también conocida como terapia de aceite esencial ha existido desde hace siglos y es...
  • Cantidad: 20 palos por caja. Total de 120 Sticks en una caja exterior; Duración de la combustión:...
  • Extraído de: cesta de la naturaleza de la India.
  • Características especiales: El uso diario de este Bergamote- aroma crea un ambiente mágico,...
  • Crear un ambiente mágico en su casa o lugar de trabajo mediante el uso de estos de alta calidad y...

The most common way to burn incense at home is with sticks. They are placed in an incense holder specially designed for this purpose. In our shop you will find a wide variety of incense holders and holders with very original designs.

BUDDDHAFIGUREN Juego de 3 varitas de incienso tibetano: Wild Flora - Bdellium - Nagchampa
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BUDDDHAFIGUREN Juego de 3 varitas de incienso tibetano: Wild Flora - Bdellium - Nagchampa
  • Conjunto original de varitas de incienso importadas de Nepal y Bhután.
  • Estos palitos de incienso se fabrican de acuerdo con antiguas recetas tradicionales.
  • Están hechos de mezcla de hierbas y madera procesadas juntas sin aceites esenciales.

How to turn an incense stick on and off

The incense sticks are really easy to use. We must place the stick on an incense holder, usually has an area where we will prick the rod or introduce it into a hole. In this way we manage to have the remains of ash in the same place.

some burning rods in a kind of temple

Once it is safely placed in our holder, what we will do is light the end of the rod with a lighter or a match. If when lighting it a small flame of fire is created you will have to blow on it gently to extinguish it, but don’t worry because the incense will still be lit.

Sabor de cannabis varitas de incienso Varitas de incienso   x 120 importación india palos de joss...
  • Cannabis Flavor Joss Sticks. 120 palos de joss clásicos importados de la India

Well, we’ve got our incense wand lit and now it touches the best of everything. The moment to enjoy an intoxicating aroma that will travel through our entire home or workplace. You will see that just a few minutes after being lit a sweet aroma will float into the air.

some sticks grouped in a bundle and lit in the communal courtyard of some wooden houses

Each stick usually lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, this will depend on the quality and thickness of the incense stick. There are sticks of different sizes and thicknesses and depending on this they will take more or less time to burn, but they end up going out 😛

Tulasi - Varitas de Incienso (Aroma a Cafe)
  • 8 varillas por paquete.
  • Fabricado en India.
  • Gran valor.
  • Uso para oraciones o placer.
  • Fabricado por Tualsi.

The best way to extinguish a burning incense stick is to bury the tip in sand. You can also scratch the tip a little to remove the ember. Remember never to dip it in water to extinguish the stick because you may not be able to re-light it.

some dull incense sticks, I have no idea what it can smell like but I'm convinced it's great. barite or incense stick

Anyway, unless you have to run out of the house, it will most likely go out by itself, and when you notice that you are the incredible aroma that was in the room, it will diminish… you will have to light another incense stick “like a vicious circle”.

Precautions when lighting an incense stick

Avoid lighting incense next to materials that can easily burn, and don’t leave incense burning when you leave the house unless it is a safe area. Not that anything will happen but it is always best to take extra precautions.

Stamford, varitas de Incienso de Coco (6 Paquetes de 20 varitas).
  • Fabricado en India.
  • Para rezar o para disfrute personal.
  • Alternativa a aceites aromáticos o velas.
  • Producto de primera calidad.

Just like you don’t leave your bracero on when you leave home because it’s the same thing, better safe than sorry. But you really don’t have to worry because unless you light it under a curtain or surrounded by flammable material you are not going to have any problem 😛

Scents and properties of incense sticks

You should know that the benefits of incense vary according to the fragrance you use. Each aroma has different properties and is capable of taking you to totally different states of mind. These are the aromas of incense sticks that our customers demand the most.

✓ Cinnamon: The aroma of cinnamon incense is said to be an aphrodisiac. It brings warmth to the environment and is good for meditation and clearing some thoughts. They are ideal for creating romantic environments full of passion.

Stamford - Varitas de Incienso con propiedades relajantes (6 Paquetes)
  • STAMFORD Relaxing Hex Incense Sticks – 20 Sticks

✓ Lavender: is a relaxing aroma that helps to create an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and harmony. It helps eliminate stress and releases negative day-to-day tensions.

✓ Eucalyptus: works very well to purify the smell of the room and stimulates the physical and mental strength within us. It is also good as an air freshener helping to renew the aroma of your home.

Stamford Lavender Incense, 20 Sticks x 6 Packs
222 Opiniones
Stamford Lavender Incense, 20 Sticks x 6 Packs
  • 6 paquetes de 20 unidades.
  • Fabricado en la India
  • Para rezar o placer
  • Una gran alternativa para aceites aromáticos o velas.
  • Calidad Premium

✓ Sandalwood: is said to be able to bring peace and tranquility and is very effective in releasing the negative stress we have accumulated. It facilitates meditation and stimulates inner peace.

✓ Citrus: it is an aroma that reminds us of spring. It has a fresh aroma that is undoubtedly effective in purifying the atmosphere of the room. It helps concentration and imagination with its pleasant orange and lemon aroma.

Signes Grimalt – Estuche de 10 varitas de incienso Opio, 22 cm 1728sg
  • Tamaño: 0.5 x 4 x 22 cm
  • Diseño de Barcelona.
  • Peso: 25 g

✓ Jasmine: is effective in increasing concentration and stimulating study. It is good for productive environments where you should not let your guard down. It certainly improves people’s moods.

✓ Coconut: another aroma with aphrodisiac effects. The sweet aroma of coconut reminds us of tropical beaches full of people in swimsuits. It is ideal to enjoy in couple and to stimulate the sexual desire.

Berk Varitas de Incienso de olibano, línea Larga, 45 g
  • Aroma: incienso de vino olibano.
  • Las varillas miden 37 cm de largo.
  • Brillo aprox. 2,5 horas
  • Contenido 45 g, aprox. 10 varillas

✓ Orange blossom: This aroma is said to increase the happiness of those who smell it. It is ideal for resting and dreaming deeply.

✓ Vanilla: this aroma is really pleasant. It stimulates all the senses and also has an erotic side.

Vijayshree Sterling Effectz Varitas de Incienso Vainilla Dorada con marcapáginas magnético
  • Producto de alta calidad.
  • Con Incienso recibirás un marcapáginas magnético de efecto esterlino.
  • Vijayshree es una de las marcas de incienso más famosas del mundo.

✓ Rosa: helps to reduce stress. Relax your body and mind and forget about everyday problems. You should also check if it stimulates sexual activity with your partner.

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