It is a natural spiral-shaped insecticide and is formed with a mixture of incense and pyrethrum. Pyrethrin has been used for thousands of years in all cultures as an insect repellent. These incense spirals will not only flood the room or the outside of your house with the sweet smell of incense, but will also keep mosquitoes away.

spirals to flee mosquitoes and flying insects hanging from the ceiling. anti-mosquito spirals

The incense spiral is held in the middle of a metal support, thus being suspended and creating a visual spiral cone effect. After many tests and forms it was concluded that this system was ideal for the proper burning of incense.

This spiral system makes the burning of the incense last for hours in a constant and uniform way. There is no doubt that these incense spirals keep away all kinds of mosquitoes and flying insects, even the dreaded tiger mosquitoes.

To make the most of an incense spiral, there are containers with a central support to hang it. In this way, it burns longer and all the incense ash is collected in the same burner.

Citronella Incense Spiral

Citronella is a plant that naturally acts as a mosquito repellent. This insecticidal property is extracted from the plant and mixed with the incense to prevent these annoying flying insects from coming near. Its aroma reminds me of citrus fruits like lemon, although not all of them have the same smell.

Citronella incense is used to scare away those unwanted mosquitoes that attack us at night, being more frequent in warm seasons and especially in summer. Unfortunately I must be very tasty for the mosquitoes but since I light a citronella spiral in the house, I can sleep peacefully without worrying about the bites.

Citronella incense in operation, gives off a pleasant aroma

It is very common for mosquito coils to be made with citronella essence to increase their repellent effect. Remember that this is not an insecticide, it simply keeps these insects away from a desired area. If you are on the terrace in summer, light a citronella spiral and forget about mosquitoes for a while.

On windy days the smoke from the incense tends to dissipate faster and the mosquito repellent effect practically disappears. In these cases it is best to light it inside the house so that the flying insects can leave our home.

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This plant has a lemony aroma, I told you a few paragraphs ago that reminded me of citrus scents. In some way when you have been a while with the incense lit and leave the room where it is, when you return is when you really realize that it smells like lemon.

citronella green incense for gardens, terraces and everywhere

I already feel like going out on the terrace in summer with my faithful canine companion and lighting one of these spirals. The mixture of citronella and jasmine creates a mosquito-proof atmosphere that smells good. This fly and mosquito incense works great on summer days.

Why buy mosquito incense spirals?

The quickest answer would be because they work great for keeping away flies and mosquitoes. They have always worked well for me to keep them away from the area where I light the incense. In addition to keeping these insects away, they have an aroma that is reminiscent of some fruit trees, although other aromas are also found.

Let’s review a little the evolution of the incense spiral. Curiously, the first flying insect repellents were shaped like normal incense, a stick or stuck to a wooden rod. They were about 25 centimeters long and didn’t last half an hour.

a lit mosquito spiral on the poolside terrace

This old version was very thin and you needed to have several of these bars for the effect to be the desired one. Since they took so little time to consume, they were not very useful for keeping mosquitoes away during sleeping hours. So every morning you would show up full of bites.

After many tests and trials they concluded that the bar form was not the most suitable. The idea of doing it in a spiral shape came up when one of the founders found a snake coiled up on a shelf in the garage, that’s when a light bulb came out in his brain and he said “spiral!”

lighted green spiral incense in an earthenware bowl

This way they managed to make longer incense rolls taking up less space. Now these incense, pyrethrin and citronella anti-mosquito coils are able to last almost all night. Nowadays it is possible to find incense spirals that measure up to 80 centimetres and last up to 8 hours without going out.

Why is it known as the Katori spiral?

Japan is a tropical island and in the summers it is full of flying insects. The most famous mosquito repellent incense spirals in Japan are the well-known Katori Senko. Katori spirals are a very popular product in the Japanese summer. They are characterized by a very sweet incense aroma.

a green spiral inside a clay pot

As you may have seen there are many varieties of mosquito coils, and although they all work the same there is a difference in the aroma from one to another, so you have to try a few and keep the one that has the smell you like the most. This way your nights will be for sleeping and resting. Sweet dreams!

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