Imagine being able to enjoy the scent of incense and myrrh while taking a shower, washing your hands or taking a nice bubble bath. The incense soap not only cleans physically but also has the property of turning the body cleansing ritual into a feeling of spiritual cleanliness.

several rectangular pieces of incense soap

On a cosmetic level it is ideal for the care of the driest and most mature skins, its incredible anti-aging properties will give your skin a touch of elasticity and luminosity never before experienced. Using incense soap is a real experience.

The pleasant aroma that it gives off when you are soaping up in the shower will turn that daily moment of our lives into a kind of spiritual celebration. Perhaps I have gone too far, but the truth is that this soap cleans, calms and relaxes all your senses 😛

The best selling incense-scented soaps in our store

Why buy incense or myrrh soap?

The reasons can always be several but there is one especially good reason that has this soap. And it is none other than the incense oil that is used to make these soaps. Essential oils usually have characteristics and properties that are very useful for our body.

the best oil of incense and myrrh has been used to make this peculiar full-bodied soap

We have different soaps of incense, myrrh and other aromatic fragrances. The normal shape is handmade in square cubes. This format is the most sold and although it may seem is possibly the most practical of all.

Relajante mano y cuidado del cuerpo bolsa de regalo con neroli, incienso y naranja dulce (2 x...
  • Hecho a mano, natural, libre de parabenos, SLS, SLES, petrochemicals y fragancias sintéticas
  • Naturalmente perfumado con aceites esenciales puros de Neroli, incienso y naranja dulce
  • Se sienta relajado y libre de estrés con este manos y cuerpo bolsa de regalo
  • El regalo perfecto para amigos y familiares o ideal para ti mismo
  • Viene en práctico 2 x 100ml Aeropuerto de contenedores, tamaño perfecto para equipaje de mano

When I was little, I used a block of soap to take a shower. Unfortunately, I didn’t use it properly because I would rub the bar of soap on my body and then lather with my hands. You have to see how clumsy one can be from time to time 😛

small and delicate soap bars in the shape of a white heart, made with different aromas of incense

The trick to using the soap bar correctly is to rub it on the wet sponge. This way we get the sponge soaked in soap and then we can rub our whole body. I have learned to use this type of soap a bit late but you know that it is better late than never.

Aventura Juego de Gel de ducha y champú 100 ml incienso y pomelo, hecha a mano en el Reino Unido
  • Incienso y pomelo Shampoo 50 ml
  • Incienso y pomelo Gel de Ducha de 50 ml
  • Ideal para viajes
  • Hecho a mano en el Reino Unido.

Anyway, if you like to go fast and simply turn the jar of gel or shampoo upside down, we also have very good soaps in this format. We already know that there are times when we have to take a full-blown shower, because in these cases it is better to use liquid soap.

a good relaxing incense soap to take a refreshing bath in all senses

The truth is that the pleasant aroma that wafts through the bathroom when you’re taking a good shower with a myrrh soap or any other soap that smells like incense… is something that cannot be explained in words. My advice is to try the experience for yourself 😛

Yard incienso y Mandarina 200ml Crema de Ducha de Neal
  • Orgánico
  • Tipo de paquete: Dispensador
  • Información sobre el reciclaje: Reciclable
  • País de origen: Reino Unido

I like to start a pill and until it’s finished I don’t start another one with another aroma. That way I can test how well it works on my skin. Because if you thought that incense soap only has aromatic properties you will have to keep reading to discover many more 😛

Properties of myrrh or incense soap

Among the many properties of incense we can highlight: it is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, very good for healing and has anti-aging properties. These would be the main characteristics or properties of incense extract.

rectangular incense soaps inside a tray with many natural soap bars

A good handmade incense soap is made with a percentage of essential oil of incense or myrrh, according to the aroma and properties that the manufacturer wanted to bring to his natural soap. You can see how wash after wash your skin looks cleaner and softer.

Natural Sea Jabón - Limpiadora Exfoliante y Jabón Natural para las Manos, Cara, Cuerpo - Mar...
  • Yumi Bio Shop - Una mascarilla facial o una mascarilla para el pelo con cada envío
  • Jabón de mar en mar su piel 's para las manos, la cara y el cuerpo, para una limpieza suave,...
  • No grasa, no lo hace maleza seca en efecto, gracias a la sal que de forma natural se funde con agua....
  • INSTRUCCIONES: Ducha: espolvorear en seco sobre la piel para un efecto de limpieza y exfoliante y...

The myrrh and incense soap combines excellent properties to tone the skin and eliminate that flabby and aged look we have with age. Anyway you should not expect a miracle because the secret ingredient of eternal youth is not used to make these soaps 😛

Soap bars well presented, there are also some jars with incense gel and myrrh to have a good shower or intimate spiritual moment

Jokes aside, some improvement is noticeable in the skin. Although if you want to see amazing results my recommendation is to combine it with incense essential oil. And if you take capsules with incense extract on top, you’ll get really beautiful skin.

Mbiri Gel de ducha, cosmética natural con aceite de Marula y mirra - cuidado natural orgánico para...
  • El gel de ducha Mbiri limpia la piel con especial suavidad y le da un frescor natural a través de...
  • Especialmente compatible con la piel, libre de ingredientes genéticamente modificados (OGM), sin...
  • El aceite de marula proporciona una porción extra de humedad, mirra, extracto de rooibos,...
  • Todos los productos de Mbiri son veganos (Sociedad Vegana) y producidos sin pruebas con animales....
  • Mbiri es sinónimo de cosmética natural 100% certificada - el 100% del total de los ingredientes...

For hundreds of years incense and myrrh have been used to cleanse and purify our bodies. They have an aroma that has always accompanied human beings. But it has not been until a few years ago that almost all the properties of these soaps have been discovered.

a magnificent soap full of healing and healthy properties for our skin, soaps of myrrh and incense for the skin and complexion

These soaps have medicinal properties that help treat pimples and acne problems. I’ve been through puberty for a long time and I barely have any pimples, but it’s true that since I’ve been rubbing myself with this soap, I barely have a pimple once in a while.

What is frankincense or myrrh soap used for?

The truth is that it is very popular because of the pleasant smell it gives off in the shower. It is also one of the most sought after to treat our skin problems and that is because of the beneficial properties of these elements work really well in the epidermis.

Due to its penetrating aroma it is used to calm that inner stress we carry around all day. It is very good at calming anxiety and manages to relax us to such an extent that we spend the day wishing we could get to the shower and let go of all our worries.

myrrh incense handmade soap bars of different colors and aromas, each more aromatic

Incense-scented soap makes showering a new experience for you, the aroma it gives off when it evaporates next to the shower water manages to evade reality completely. If you have never tried it, you know, there is a first time for everything and this is highly recommended.

T Oriente Sap Solido Mirra 150 Gr
  • No enviamos a islas de Jersey, Islas del Canal, Islas del Hombre.

Imagine an intimate bath with your partner, the possibilities are endless. That’s really how I learned to use the soap bar correctly. The truth is that it was a very productive couple’s bath, I learned many things during that long shower 😛

Bosque mano Gesc höpfte Incienso Jabón, 100 g
  • Este precioso olíbano jabón despliega el aroma y sólo la totalidad de la Efecto en el uso.
  • Usted no sólo limpia, sino que también tiene la propiedades anti-inflamatorias y emanaciones...
  • Verso utilices sólo con auténtica, molido, incienso natural.

The soap of incense and myrrh was created to stimulate all the senses, no matter if you are a man or a woman, a lady or a gentleman, this soap does not understand races or sexes, it is for all audiences. And that sensual aroma is unparalleled … you’ll tell us how it was.

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