Rose incense, a very loving aroma

What can we say about this unmistakable flower that has such a wonderful aroma. I imagine that you have ever had the opportunity to bring a rose to your nose and enjoy that pleasant smell of love. Roses are still used to give to that person or couple we love so much.

many red roses on a table, some are in a glass vase. rose incense properties red rose incense meaning

The expert craftsmen have known how to express the smell of the rose in a harmonious and very aromatic incense. There are more than a hundred different varieties of roses on our planet but as far as incense is concerned, there are usually four different varieties.

✅ White rose incense

✅ Red rose incense

✅ Black rose incense

✅ Pure rose incense

some nice pink and orange roses to make a very good rose incense

I’m going to be very honest with you and that is that there is something I want you to know. I have personally tried various types of rose incense and they all smell very similar. They smell great but I can’t find much aromatic difference between one and the other. 😛

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Jardin fresco : Incienso Premium Rosa Pura | 12 Paquetes de 15 Gramos Cada uno en una Caja | Caja de...
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The truth is that this smell of rose is very accomplished, there are moments when I like to light an incense cone and let its intoxicating aroma run through the room. This aroma is among my favorites and the truth is that I almost always have it in my house.

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several pink roses on the floor of a lawn garden, they smell great

How is rose incense made?

To make the best rose incense, essential oil extracted from the flower is used. This oil has all its aromatic properties in a very pure and concentrated state. I imagine that the craftsman mixes a dose of rose essential oil with the incense mass.

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They then shape it into a cone, wand or even resin of incredible quality. I have tried both as a wand and smell great, possibly cone gives off a more powerful aroma, although perhaps they are my imagination, remember that I have an atrophied sense of smell 🙂

New Moon Aromas Varillas de Incienso de Masala, Color Negro, Rosa, 15 g
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  • Dale a tus emociones esta fragancia evocativa y fresca.
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I imagine that according to the color of the roses that extract the oil, they will make the incense. That’s why it differs in black rose, red rose, pure rose or white rose. But this is my guess because I told you that all rose incense has a very similar fragrance.

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a very aromatic purple rose, I'm sure they use it to make rose incense

Curiously this incense is one of the most sold in our store, it is the same with the flowers and is that the roses are the common flowers most sold in the flower shops. This means that there are many couples who love each other or perhaps it is that many husbands made a mistake 😛

What is rose incense used for or what is it used for?

Rose incense has very special properties for creating truly intimate atmospheres. Many couples light this incense to enhance their spicier encounters. Unfortunately I don’t have a partner so that must be the reason why I haven’t spent it 😉

someone has behaved badly and has a bouquet of roses prepared for his partner, giving away rose incense is always a good idea

Imagine that your partner lights a red rose or other colored incense, the only possible meaning that he wants something from you. It is a way of expressing that he wants something more and needs some pampering. This incense is great for creating very sensual environments.

Fiore D 'oriente rosa incense100% Natural 10 palos
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  • No sintético, ingredientes aromáticos o petrochemicals.
  • Hecho usando métodos sin cambios para 400 años
  • Tiempo de combustión: 45 – 60 minutos por varilla. Número de barras: 10; Longitud de la...

I like to turn it on some days when I start writing on the computer. To tell you the truth, I took the opportunity to take a break before and I lit a rose incense wand while I was at it, I certainly have a very pleasant smell in the house.

Satya Nag Champa McGuinness - Juego de 12 Paquetes de Conos de Incienso, Rosa
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As I always say there is not an incense for every moment, remember that the moment and the aroma must be what you decide. There are types of incense that I like very much the smell it has but someone else may like it less, my advice is to try many varieties and find the ones you like the most 😛

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