This wood comes from the tree “bursera graveolens” and is of tropical origin. These trees reach a height of about fifteen meters and die of natural causes once they have completed their maturation. This is when the properties of palo santo are at their best.

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Palo Santo has been used by the native American civilizations for hundreds of years. Today it is still used for many things, one of the main ones being to aromatize the environment. Although it is also used for good luck rituals among other things.

Magic Espirit Incienso Natural de Palo Santo Copal y Mirra Artesano
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Magic Espirit Incienso Natural de Palo Santo Copal y Mirra Artesano
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I’ll tell you a story that happened to me many years ago. My favorite ex-girlfriend had a penchant for yoga and meditation, she would put on relaxing music on the phone and light a piece of wood. At that time I had no idea why I burned a piece of wood.

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After lighting it and smelling that penetrating aroma I realized the power of the palo santo. It has a smell that really makes you feel good about yourself. Unfortunately, the relationship ended up fading over the years and we left it. It’s funny but every time I light one of these sticks it brings back good memories 😛

The best selling Palo Santo items in our store

The wood from the bursera tree is used as much as possible. Below you will find all the products derived from palo santo. From wood chips, essential oils, soaps and even jewelry. Incense is also made with this peculiar aroma.

Palo Santo sticks

This is probably the most widely used format for burning palo santo. It is the most natural form extracted directly from the trunk and its aroma is present without the need to light it. A little further down I explain how to burn palo santo wood in case you have any doubts 😛

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This is the famous palo santo stick I was telling you about a few paragraphs ago. If you think that this format is my favorite you are right and that is that this smell transports me to an incredible moment in my life. I’m going to light a piece of palo santo right now and continue writing full of positive energy 😛

Palo Santo wands

Another good way to burn palo santo incense. The typical but effective incense-covered sticks. To tell you the truth there is not much difference in the aroma that the wood gives off. Although do not trust me too much because lately I have a bad smell 😛

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Comfortable to use and will not turn off until consumed. Remember that you will need an incense holder to burn the sticks and have the ashes all well collected. Palo Santo sticks are very popular with our customers, they smell great 🙂

Palo Santo incense cones

Another great way to burn palo santo. To enjoy these reflux cones I recommend an incense burner to watch the smoke slowly fall. It’s a visual spectacle and the best thing about it is that it has the aroma of palo santo.

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Palo Santo wood combined with incense has been used for its elaboration to obtain the best aroma. You can be sure that they have achieved it and it has the same smell as the sticks. Some people prefer to burn incense cones but that is already a matter of taste 😛

Palo Santo Spray

Undoubtedly the fastest and most convenient format to use. An air freshener with the smell of Palo Santo that smells almost like burnt wood. Although its fragrance does not last in the environment as long as when it is burned, not everything was going to be advantages 😛

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Some people use it to spray the closet a little. In this way they get a natural but very mild smell of palo santo. I haven’t tried it but I can believe it, because sometimes after burning a stick I went outside and the smell had stuck to my clothes 🙂

Palo Santo Perfume

That’s how it is, dear friend, that you read me, a perfume with the scent of palo santo. To elaborate this soft and sensual unisex fragrance, the aroma of palo santo has been used. It smells great and lasts a long time on the skin, its smell does not feel strong but it will make people turn their eyes towards you 😛

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This original perfume is very little known. This is because the people who use it make it their favorite perfume. They have achieved a mixture of aromas that surprises even the most experienced perfumer, of course for the better 😉

Palo Santo shavings

This shape is ideal for burning incense with charcoal. Some people like to use the incense burner and throw chips on it. You can also find palo santo sawdust. Both forms are good and the smell is the same as if you were burning a palo santo stick.

a wooden board with shavings on top.

I like to go fast and use wands, cones or even a piece of palo santo. Although some people prefer to burn it with charcoal and as the aroma of palo santo dissipates they pour a little more shavings or sawdust over it so that the aroma lasts longer.

Soap from Palo Santo

To tell you the truth, I haven’t tried this soap. So I can’t tell you if it smells good or bad, although if it’s made with palo santo extract it must smell pretty good. It can be used for showering or washing your hands, this is already a matter of preference.

tablets of natural soap with different aromas.

Jabón de Palo Santo 3 piezas - energizante tónico hidratante nutritivo - producto artesanal - Made...
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Jabón de Palo Santo 3 piezas - energizante tónico hidratante nutritivo - producto artesanal - Made...
  • El jabón en Palo Santo tiene propiedades tónicas y energizantes. El aroma de Palo Santo...
  • El jabón Palo Santo, compuesto de glicerina vegetal, nacido de la saponificación del aceite de...
  • El procesamiento en frío, que está inspirado en la antigua tradición del Jabón Artesano, permite...
  • No contiene colorantes, conservantes químicos ni tensioactivos. La glicerina vegetal del aceite de...
  • ¿QUÉ ES EL PALO SANTO? La madera del Palo Santo ha sido siempre considerada como “Madera...

The truth is, as a man, my time in the shower is a given and not a given. But I can think of a good way to use this soap. The ideal is to rub the tablet on the wet sponge to create a lather, then you can rub it all over your body and enjoy its aroma.

Palo Santo Essential Oil

Widely used in incense aromatherapy. This oil is extracted from the fruits of the bursera tree and is full of healthy properties for our organism. It is used for massages and in vaporizers to aromatize any room in the house.

jars with palo santo essential oil.

This oil makes our facial skin look smoother and softer. Used in diffusers we can take advantage of its respiratory properties. It helps to clean the respiratory tract and its pleasant smell will get you to relax completely and not think about the problems.

Jewellery made of palo santo

When I told you that the log was being used for everything, I meant this. This wood is very good for making bracelets and sacred pendants. Its smell is mild but reminds of palo santo, it is possible that with the use this aroma will be lost.

a bracelet with wooden balls.

I’m sure if you’re thinking of giving someone a symbolic gift, this is a possible candidate. They’re original and have a lot of history behind them. And that’s because it’s several thousand years since the ancient civilizations of America have used palo santo wood.

Benefits and properties of Palo Santo

This wood is still used by shamans of some South American tribes. In this part of the world, sacred wood is still used for healing rituals and to ward off evil spirits. This is why it is called sacred wood.

tree full of green leaves and fruits from which the essential oil is extracted.

It is believed that the smoke from the palo santo is good for curing colds and respiratory problems. I haven’t tried this because, to tell you the truth, I prefer to go to the doctor when I have a health problem. But as I always say “I’m open to almost anything” 😛

Berk Palo Santo Holy Smokes - Barritas de Incienso (10 g)
  • Contenido – Peso: aprox. 10 g.
  • Contenido: 8-10 varillas.
  • Fabricación: India enrollada a mano.
  • Aroma: Palo Santo
  • Duración de la combustión: aprox. 40 minutos (depende del entorno).

If we talk about the essential oil of palo santo this one is already different. This is a good way to get the benefits of palo santo. From massages with oil to cure muscular pains or blows to sessions of vaporization of essential oil.

The smoke generated from the combustion of this wood is used as an insect repellent. Something has this aroma that keeps annoying mosquitoes away. Remember that we have anti-mosquito incense that works great to keep these blood-sucking insects at bay 😛

How do you burn palo santo?

If you are going to use palo santo in stick or cone format you should have no problem. Now if you want to use sticks or pieces of holy wood the ideal is to use the following method. It is not complicated at all and you will see how easy and simple the method is.

a human person holds a piece of sacred wood on fire.

The recommended option is to use a lit candle to burn the wood. Hold the piece of wood at one end and light the other end. When the flame appears, try to get a small fathom to keep it burning, then blow it out. The best thing is that you see the following video explanation 😛

If you are going to use the lighter, remember that if it is used for a long time it gets hot and can burn you. My advice is to use the candle for comfort. Although in a matter of taste each person is a world, whatever method you choose, avoid burning yourself with the fire 😛

What is the use of the Palo Santo

It is mainly used to aromatize the atmosphere of a place. Palo Santo is a natural incense from the bursera tree and has an incredible burning smell. It is unlikely that you will not like its aroma although there can always be some exceptions 😛

pieces of palo santo ready to burn.

I like to light a stick and put it on a ceramic plate. This way the house is filled with a soft and penetrating fragrance that lasts a long time. It is normal that the piece of wood goes out, if this happens you can always turn it back on to extend that pleasant aroma.

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There are people who use the palo santo to do an energetic cleaning. Since it is considered a sacred wood, it is believed that its aroma is capable of taking away bad vibrations from a place and charging it with positive energy. The truth that you feel good when you light sacred wood 🙂

Other people light palo santo during their meditation sessions, yoga or even for training at home. Some people have agreed that I have trained after lighting palo santo and you feel more energetic. I have a small gym at home and that’s where I try to get in shape 🙂

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natural ix24 – Palo Santo Sticks 1 kg
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As you can see each person is a world and has his own beliefs. So the best way to use palo santo is the one you want to give it. What we will all agree is that it has a magnificent smell that can be enjoyed in any way.

Why buy Palo Santo wood?

One of the reasons that comes to mind is how good it smells. Personally, it brings back good memories of a time when I was very happy. So every time I light a stick of Palo Santo wood, many moments with a certain person that I appreciate very much come to mind.

sacred wood in pieces, there is also a jar with palo santo essential oil.

Other people like to use palo santo to cleanse the spirit and open the mind. Because its aroma induces deep meditation and concentration. This is something that has been done long before the white man discovered America and knew this wood.

Incienso estilo palillos de madera Palo Santo - 18 palillos de 6 centímetros y 20 centímetros -...
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There it was already used by ancient civilizations in their healing rituals. It is true that in some parts of the American Southwest it is still used for this purpose. There are tribes that take advantage of the natural benefits and properties of this precious wood.

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It has an intense and penetrating aroma, with citrus touches but slightly sweet. Its smell conveys peace and tranquility to the people who enjoy it. It is able to improve your mood and leave all the problems around you for a few moments.

Palo Santo wood pieces tied with a string for mini-package shapes.

The cultivation of palo santo is one hundred percent sustainable. This is because only wood from trees that have died naturally is used. Some may live for more than fifty years, but it is normal for some to die of natural causes much earlier.

After this, the wood is processed for further use. Studies show that cutting down the tree to use its wood is not the best way. Only trees that have died naturally have a better aroma and all their properties and benefits.

Palo Santo de Perú (40-45g) + Salvia Blanca de California. Limpian y equilibran Las energías....
  • Limpian, purifican y elevan las vibraciones en espacios, salas de terapias, de yoga o de...
  • Utilizado en rituales de limpieza y sanación por chamanes en sus actividades espirituales.
  • El Palo Santo de Perú y la Salvia Blanca de California, son productos 100% naturales y sostenibles.
  • Peso de Salvia Blanca y Palo Santo total 100 g

Palo Santo is possibly one of the best natural incense. Some people believe it has a strong aphrodisiac power. Maybe it is that its smell is able to reach the place with good vibrations and it manages to create an ideal atmosphere to enjoy with your partner 😉

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