The incense of the 7… will there be more than seven?

This time I’m going to talk about the incense that has a number seven on it. This variety of incense is presented in stick format and you will have to use an incense holder or holder specially designed for burning sticks. Get ready to enjoy a special and very different aroma.

These are the so-called “incense of the 7”

✅ Incense of the seven archangels
✅ Incense of the seven powers
✅ Seven chakra incense
✅ Incense of the seven African powers
✅ Seven Male Incense
✅ Incense for the seven days of the week

These incense varieties have been manufactured to achieve fragrances and aromas that are difficult to find in other types of incense on the market. Personally I have not tried all of them but the one I have been able to try has left me totally surprised 😛

Incense of the 7 archangels, what is it for?

I seem to remember that this is one of the varieties that I have tried, I really can’t compare its smell with another one that I had tried before. If I can tell you that it has reminded me of incense that burns at Easter, but a much softer aroma.

marble statue with the figure of a small angel holding a dove. 7 archangels incense, 7 angels, 7 archangels sac incense,

Some people burn this incense of the seven archangels to protect themselves from evil spirits and possible enemies you may have. The truth that we could say that this peculiar incense has a sacred aroma, I imagine that is where the name “the 7 angels” comes from.

  Cinnamon incense, a sweet aroma

Incense of the 7 powers, what is it for?

Possibly the best-selling variety within the seven kingdoms. Unfortunately we are not in Game of Thrones but one thing is certain and that is that it is a type of incense very sought after by our customers. I have tried it and I confess that I am a total fan of this aroma 😛

a powerful electrical storm has formed on the natural beach. 7 power incense + meaning

It’s a smell that doesn’t remind me of anything and that’s because its aroma is unique and unmistakable. It is made in India with a secret blend of essential oils and incense. It is widely used for concentration and mental power, I use it a lot when I have to work in front of the computer.

Incense from the 7 chakras, what is it for?

Well, here we have an incredible variety with seven different types of aromas. This is good because you can try different aromas in your Yoga or training sessions at home. I haven’t tried this version, but I’ve been told it smells great and I should burn it sometime.

figure of a person or deity concentrating on his feng shui and meditating. 7 chakras incense

This seven chakra incense is intended to accompany us during our Tai Chi or Feng Shui sessions that we have to perform. An incense for each chakra of our spirit, undoubtedly an experience that every person should experience 😛

  Rue incense, a mysterious aroma

Incense of the 7 African powers, what is it for?

If you are looking for a smell that reminds you of your last trip to Africa, this is probably one of the best options. I’ve never been to that country but if it smells half as good as this incense you could say that I’ve already been won over as a tourist, the pain of travelling there costs a kidney 😛

a giraffe eating from the top of a fairly tall tree. 7 African pepper incense, 7 African magic incense.

The magic incense that gives off a mysterious and enveloping aroma, imagine watching a documentary about the African savannah with this soft perfume floating in the air. I encourage you to try this variety of incense and tell us how good or bad you thought its smell was 🙂

Incense of the 7 males, what is it for?

After this name it may seem that this variety is destined to be burned by real alpha males. But the truth is that it receives this name because the mixture used for its preparation has been made with aromatic herbs from male plants with very good properties.

a real male man using his strength. 7 x 7 incense against everything. 7 x 7 incense

This variety is made in India, so I can almost tell you without tasting it that it must have a spectacular smell. I haven’t had a chance to try this incense but I might try it one of these days. The truth is that it is having a very good acceptance by our customers 😛

  Orange blossom incense, an orange scent

7 days incense, what is it for?

This incense has been created to enjoy a different aroma every day of the week. Unlike the previous versions, this one uses more familiar aromas for us. We can find sticks with the scent of jasmine, lemon, tangerine, sandalwood and some other aroma.

a nice agenda to write down things to do during the week. 7-day incense

A pack designed to avoid having to decide which variety of incense to light, is to take one and light it. Today is Tuesday? then it’s time to light the Tuesday incense, no stories, no complications. An incense that really gets what it promises 😛

How to use the seven “whatever” incense?

If you have come this far it is because you are an expert incense burner and I am sure you have fully mastered the process of burning incense sticks at home. However, remember not to light it near curtains or fabrics that can burn easily. A greeting and good fumes 😛

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