That unmistakable aroma of incense that wafts through our homes and workplaces. It is impossible not to notice that pleasant smell floating in the air. There are incenses that you may like more or less, but fortunately for us the catalogue of varieties is almost inexhaustible.

incense types of incense placed in an orderly manner in cardboard boxes.incense types and uses. incense type

Here you will find the types of incense most in demand by our customers. At this point you should know that the amount of aromas is very broad but the fun in these cases is to go trying different types to find the ones you like most 😛

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Know the types of incense and what they are for

Ideally, you should try the different types of incense and the best thing is that the prices are usually very cheap. I couldn’t tell you which incense smells better, although there are some that smell great. But this is something you will have to discover for yourselves 😛

✅ Nag Champa incense

It’s one of the most sought-after and best-selling incense on the planet. It is manufactured in India and exported to any corner of the world. It has an unmistakable aroma characteristic of the Buddhist religion and is used in Indian temples and monasteries.

from these flowers comes the sweet aroma of nag champa incense. incense he catalog. name of incense. types of incense and their uses

It is made from the essential oil extracted from champaca flowers, a plant native to India. The aroma of Nag Champa is sweet, floral and at the same time really penetrating for our senses. It is ideal for meditation, relaxation and also improves our mood.

✅ Cinnamon incense

It is used to attract good luck at home. Cinnamon is said to have aphrodisiac properties that combined with an oil massage will satisfy your deepest fantasies with your partner. Although you can also use it for day to day 😛

cinnamon incense comes out of this. names of incense. incense smells. types of aromatic incense

This incense is used to attract money and success and is also good for clearing and clearing the mind. Because with a clear mind good ideas come to you, you may have a moment of inspiration while you are enjoying this variety of incense 😛

✅ Orange blossom incense

This springtime fragrance is made from orange blossoms, also called orange blossoms. The aromatic essence used to make this fresh scent is carefully extracted from these flowers. A good incense to burn any day of the week.

orange blossom incense is made from an essential extract of the orange blossom. incense types and uses

This variety of incense is used to create a happy and productive atmosphere in work environments, although I use it when I am quietly sitting in front of the computer. No matter what you use it for, what really matters is that it smells great 😛

✅ Amber incense

If you’re looking for an incense with aphrodisiac powers, this is the one. It helps to increase our energy levels and this is due to the peculiar aroma that this variety has. This incense will be able to take you to places in your mind that you have never visited before 😛

a key ring made of an amber stone, possibly the best incense in the world, at least for my taste

This type of incense is extracted from fossilized amber resin. It has a totally unique smell that you won’t find in any other variety. For me it is one of the best smelling incenses, although other people who have smelled it say it is not that bad 🙂

✅ Rue incense

It is said that this fragrance is capable of increasing the power of mind control. I don’t know what is true about this but the truth is that I have used it once while training and felt more motivated. I imagine that this fresh scent is able to motivate your mind 😛

the flowers of the rue plant are yellow and smell great. incense types. incense he catalog. incense smells

Some people use it to protect themselves from the evil eye, to clean up a business or to eliminate bad vibrations in the home. They say it chases away dark feelings and welcomes our most beautiful memories. Other people simply use it because it smells so good.

✅ Coconut incense

This Caribbean aroma is capable of taking your mind and laying it on a Caribbean beach. I like to use this variety of incense especially in spring and summer, it is as if I was able to move for a moment to a paradise beach full of people in bathing suits 😛

An essential oil is extracted from the coconut and used to make different types of coconut incense, although they all smell the same

They also say it has some kind of aphrodisiac power, maybe you should try lighting an incense stick when you’re watching a movie with your partner and wait to see what happens. It has such an intoxicating aroma that any movie will end in a happy ending 😛

✅ Musk incense

This delicate aroma is used to increase people’s passion and carnal desire. The natural musk is a substance that is loaded with pheromones, this is great for melting even the coldest environment and turning it into a whole hell of sensuality 😛

from these beautiful flowers is extracted musk essential oil of exquisite quality

The truth is that it has a rather peculiar smell, it is sweet and penetrating at the same time. It’s definitely an incense you should try. Apart from being used for love rituals some people use it to relax their mind and navigate their thoughts.

✅ Pine incense

This variety has a fresh and clean aroma like you have never smelled before, much better than any pine air freshener. When you light a pine-scented incense, it is as if you were transported for a few moments to the deepest part of the forest, where peace and silence reign in a sea of pine trees.

if the mist in this image were incense smoke it would smell great, although it already smells without this type of aromatic incense

It may not be a big deal but it certainly is a smell that instills cleanliness. I’ll tell you a secret but don’t tell anyone, there are times when I feel like cleaning the floor but then I light an incense cone and it goes away, so I’ll have to clean up some other time 😛

✅ Rose incense

This aroma is strongly linked to love. If you want to have a relaxed and quiet moment with your partner I am sure that this incense will be your faithful ally. The truth is that it smells great and any time of day is good to light an incense of this variety.

a beautiful red flower that is a rose from which the different types of rose incense that exist

Its soft and delicate aroma is capable of evading you for a few moments of reality, it’s as if for a moment your mind was totally enjoying a garden with thousands of aromatic roses. What I mean by this is that it smells great 😛

✅ Vanilla incense

This variety in particular has the property of relaxing our mind in every way. Imagine that you arrive tired or tired of work and you feel like lighting an incense, because without a doubt this vanilla incense is one of those aromas destined to calm our mind.

the vanilla flower that precedes the pod that produces the vanilla species

It also has the power to increase our affectionate energy, and it is attributed with numerous properties among which we find that of increasing our sexual appetite. It is an incense that smells really good and may even be a little aphrodisiac 😛

✅ Cherry incense

A very spring-like aroma capable of stimulating our deepest senses. It is said that there is no experience equal to being in the middle of a field full of cherry blossoms. In the area where I live there are no cherry plantations but I’m sure it must be amazing.

cherry tree full of flowers in spring.

This cherry incense is very good for creating a passion-stimulating atmosphere. Like almost all sweet incense, it stimulates our “hottest” side, but it can also be used to flavour the atmosphere of a room 😛

✅ Lemon incense

This citrus aroma is used at home or in work environments. Its smell is very familiar and this is due to the amount of products and settings that enjoy the lemon aroma. It has a smell that does not bother at all and has the property of helping in the concentration.

a lemon tree with yellow lemons ready to be picked.

Having a neutral smell is good when you have to spend long hours in front of the screen. It is also used a lot to aromatize the house and this fragrance feels clean and fresh. It has a springtime aroma reminiscent of the lemon tree flower.

✅ Jasmine incense

What to say about this fragrance that smells so good. Jasmine is possibly the bush with the most aromatic flowers in existence. I have one myself in the courtyard and when the summer starts it starts smelling wonderful. For the rest of the year I use jasmine incense.

holds some jasmine flowers with his fingers.

The truth is that this aroma is very accomplished and improves as the incense smoke dissipates through the place. It is probably one of the most used incenses and its fresh and pleasant smell makes it suitable for any environment, whether at home or at work.

✅ Sandalwood incense

A truly exotic aroma that helps open the doors of communication. It is good for aromatizing the atmosphere of the house and is also ideal for work environments. Its smell is soft and penetrating at the same time, although it never becomes annoying.

small red flowers from the sandalwood tree.

The oil extracted from the sandalwood is used to make the best incense. This tree is native to India and it is there that it manages to develop the best aroma due to the climate of the place. If you are looking for an incense with a pleasant smell that everyone likes, this is the one for you 😛

✅ Lavender incense

There is little I can say about this fragrance that everyone knows. It’s probably one of the most widely used in the world. Its floral and unmistakable aroma is present in air fresheners, creams and household cleaning products. Of course also in incense 😛

beautiful violet lavender flowers.

It’s good for getting states of relaxation. You will see that after lighting this incense your house will smell completely of lavender in a matter of minutes. It has a mild aroma that does not feel heavy and will help your mood to improve significantly.

✅ Honey scented incense

It has an aroma that can directly transport you to the middle of a field full of collecting bees. Its fragrance is as sweet as honey, and it’s good for working and being active in any project you have on hand.

✅ Copal incense

This aroma is very lively and somewhat sweet. It is made with aromatic resin from Bursera, a sacred tree in Mexico. This aroma is known as the “incense of the earth” and has been used by Mayan and Aztec shamans when they still lived on our planet.

Why buy different types of incense?

Incense has been used since time immemorial to elevate the spirit and to attract good vibrations to us. Ancient civilizations were very careful in their rituals and used many types of incense depending on the ceremony to be performed.

As you may have noticed there is a wide variety of incense on the market. The best thing you can do is try different types of incense and keep the aroma that best suits your style and way of being. Although they all smell very good there are always some smells that we like more than others.

In addition to the different types of incense that exist and what they are used for, you can also find these products:

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It must be because of the mixture of smells to:

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