Vanilla incense, a very sweet aroma

Vanilla is an essence extracted from the pod of a variety of Mexican orchids. This sweet essence has been with us for many years. We can find it in desserts, air fresheners, perfumes, soaps… and of course also in the form of incense.

the flower that has the vanilla before removing the pod is amazing. vanilla incense

This incense is very soft and you will almost certainly like it. But I must tell you a secret before everything, it turns out that the smell that gives off this incense is going to be a real torture, is to light one and after 10 minutes have to go to the fridge to eat something sweet, so goodbye to the diet 😛

Morning Star, Incienso De Vainilla, 200 Palos Y Titular
90 Opiniones
Morning Star, Incienso De Vainilla, 200 Palos Y Titular
  • Tradicional estilo japonés
  • Calidad incienso
  • Desde 1575
  • Tiempo de combustión: 25 min aprox.
  • Fragancia Que Crea un Estado de ánimo de tranquilidad y paz de la mente.

It really is an incense that can be used for daily use both at home and in the workplace. This incense fragrance is more intense than that of a vanilla air freshener. It is said that you don’t know what vanilla smells like until you light a vanilla incense.

a metal tray filled with aromatic candles and incense-like flowers. vanilla incense means

What is vanilla incense used for or what is it used for?

It has been proven that vanilla has many different uses. I use it myself to scent the house, it really is capable of scenting the whole house with a gentle vanilla fragrance in just a few minutes. Once the incense is extinguished, the aroma remains for a long time.

Salco 82-0490 Tulasi Incienso - fragancia de vainilla 6x20
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Salco 82-0490 Tulasi Incienso - fragancia de vainilla 6x20
  • envases reciclables
  • fragancia de vainilla
  • Ideal como regalo
  • Ideal para cualquier hogar
  • Otras fragancias disponibles

It is as if it smells softer and softer, and of course, when it no longer smells it leaves you wanting more and you have to light another incense. But fortunately for us this is not a problem due to the low price of this variety of incense.

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plate with vanilla flowers and next to it an incense burner, there is a buddha behind it.

It is said that vanilla has “I don’t know what and I don’t know what”, come on, that it has aphrodisiac properties. So if you are thinking of having a moment of relaxation with your partner this incense will be your faithful ally, it has a penetrating smell capable of relaxing your whole body and enjoy a very pleasant moment 😛

There are people who like to combine different varieties of incense, a good combination would be to light two incense sticks or cones, one vanilla and one cinnamon. Some time ago a friend told me about it and I tried it, I was really surprised by the nice smell floating in the air.

Crottendorfer 1016 Original - Conos de incienso (tamao M, 24 unidades), aroma a vainilla
  • Crottendorfer - Conos de incienso (26 unidades, tamaño mini, M, XL y XXL)

The aroma of this incense is very good for lifting that mood that comes down to us at the end of the day. You arrive home tremendously tired and exhausted and you feel like sitting on the couch a little bit, try to light an incense with the smell of vanilla and enjoy that moment like never before.

Stamford - Conos de Incienso con Aroma a Vainilla, Lote de 12 Paquetes
  • 12 paquetes de 15 conos.
  • Fabricado en India.
  • Un gran aroma de Stamford.
  • Uso para oraciones o placer.
  • Embalaje reciclable.

It is very good to be more productive when you are in front of the computer, and I say this because just a few minutes ago I lit a vanilla cone and it is as if the words came out by themselves. But unfortunately I’m getting a crazy urge to get some custard from the fridge 😛

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a plate of custard with vanilla and cinnamon, and also a biscuit, it is very tasty. satya vanilla incense. orange vanilla incense

The reasons for using this aromatic incense can be very varied. You just have to find the moment to light an incense stick on fire and let everything around you drop a little bit of volume. If you are thinking of buying vanilla incense it is a safe bet.

In our online store we have many brands that make vanilla incense, all smell great but there is one that is of the brand hem that is taken a lot by our customers. Personally I don’t find much difference between one and the other, but maybe I have a bad smell 😛

Properties and benefits of vanilla incense

The properties of vanilla in incense can be very varied but I will simplify a little and comment on those that interest us. Remember that eating vanilla will not give you the same properties as smelling the pleasant aroma it gives off when it is lit.

We must understand that through the smell of incense we will feel one way or another. There are smells that remind us of good times in our lives, so it is not that incense itself has a magical power, simply evokes pleasant memories to our memory.

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✅ Aphrodisiacs

✅ Relaxing

✅ Ability to concentrate

There must be many more features that I miss, but these are the ones that I have been able to see and experience the most. The truth is that I haven’t had a partner for a long time but I imagine that that little push in the libido must still be there 😛

Fiore D 'oriente vainilla incense100% Natural 10 palos
  • 100% hecho a mano mano enrollado varillas de incienso natural
  • Ingredientes aceites esenciales, miel, polvo de cáscara de coco, resina de plantas y aceites...
  • No sintético, ingredientes aromáticos o petrochemicals.
  • Hecho usando métodos sin cambios para 400 años
  • Tiempo de combustión: 45 – 60 minutos por varilla. Número de barras: 10; Longitud de la...

As for the relaxing power, the truth is that it serves quite well. I usually watch a movie once in a while and I almost always put an incense burner in. I like to try different varieties but this vanilla incense has such a soft smell that it’s great to achieve a state of total relaxation.

Crottendorfer incienso – fresa vainilla, Paquete de 24
  • Tamaño M, 24 conos de incienso
  • Original crottendorfer conos de incienso
  • Fabricado en Alemania.
  • Aromas: Fresh Strawberry y fuerte Vainilla

Well, as I told you a few paragraphs ago, I lit a vanilla aroma cone, and it has really been most productive. It must be that working in front of the computer while enjoying such a sweet and tasty smell makes your mind work more optimally 😛

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