What’s the use of incense? Meaning and uses of incense

This aromatic substance has been around for many years. Incense has been used in religious ceremonies since time immemorial. Long before the appearance of the present religions it was already used by shamans and priests in diverse rituals.

burning incense sticks in front of a Buddhist temple.

It is true that the incense that was used in the past has a great difference with the one we can find on the market today. Today we have a wide variety of incense and containers where we can burn it in the way we like.

What is incense?

It is a mixture of resins of vegetable origin combined with the essential oil extracted from the most aromatic flowers and from some animals. This substance once dried is ready to use. The smoke that incense gives off is used for various purposes such as

✅ Religious
✅ Therapeutics
✅ Aromatizing environments
✅ Magic sessions

Burning incense is something that comes from afar, it is known that ancient native American civilizations used it in rituals and healing. As much as the Mayans as the Aztecs found in the smoke of incense as a corridor between the earthly and the spiritual.

incense burning in front of a huge statue of buddha, it is golden in colour. what is incense for. incense is good

If they made an offering to their God they always accompanied it with a thick smokescreen. It was a way for them to unite our world with that of the mystical deities. They also performed healing and incense spells to cleanse the spirit of any evil.

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Some of these rituals still persist among the native Indians in some parts of the planet. The use of incense today has spread to many other uses. Some varieties are better suited to religious events and others are used to aromatize the house.

Japanese Buddhist temple where they burn incense.

Incense is currently burned by different religions. There is a liturgical incense used by the Catholic Church, the Buddhist religion and other religions that has a more sacred and spiritual aroma. Although you can still enjoy this smell in your own home 😛

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In our online incense shop you can find a whole world of aromatic varieties, from the typical incense sticks to the most aromatic Tibetan incense. There are many varieties on the market to experiment with.

  Jasmine incense, a spring aroma

What is incense used for?

Nowadays incense is used in almost all religious ceremonies and is also used to fill the room with a good smelling aromatic fragrance. Other people use it to relax at home, to read, to practice relaxation exercises…

a variety of incense I have lit to write this article on the uses and meaning of incense. uses of incense, incense and its uses, incense varieties and uses

Fortunately for us, the use of incense has become so widespread that it is very common to use it in religious temples, in workplaces and in our homes. There are so many different aromas that we can choose the one we like best, we just have to choose the place and time to light it 😛

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Many years have passed since the ancient inhabitants of the land burned incense in their rituals and religious liturgies. The truth is that I would have liked to be able to compare the aroma of that incense with today’s, and that is that this product has improved its quality a lot in all this time.

Very good quality incense used as an offering to the gods of religions.

The therapeutic use of incense is also something that is currently being done. It is about seeking total relaxation of body and mind through aromatherapy sessions. Imagine lying in a very comfortable place and having a pleasant fragrance floating in the air.

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It’s a feeling of total freedom, there are times when I’ve lit an incense stick, laid down on the couch and if I’m honest, they have very good naps. It’s like your mind relaxes with the smell of incense being burned and you let all the bad stuff out of you.

  Musk incense, know its history

various types of incense on a huge stand with sand

There are people who use it to aromatize their home or workplace, there are many different fragrances on the market, but you will have to try different types of incense to discover which smell you like best. I love to try new fragrances and enjoy smells I’ve never tried before 😛

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The time has come to talk about the use of incense in magic, though, in white magic. The one that helps to eliminate the stress accumulated during the day and the one that drives away the bad vibrations of the place with its aroma loaded with positive energy, this is the true magic of incense.

Benefits and “magic” properties of incense

You burn incense to enjoy a moment of inner peace. It comes great for enhancing creativity, I lit some aromatic incense myself before I started writing this article and I feel like the words are flowing on their own letter by letter on the keyboard.

this incense stick generates a dense and aromatic smoke.

There are varieties of incense that are meant to cheer you up in the hottest way and others that are used to relax our state of mind. Of course there are people who like the smell of some types of incense and use it as an air freshener, and the truth is that this makes it great 😛

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Incense is capable of altering our mood, perhaps this is one of the most outstanding properties of this aromatic substance. Let us say that its soft and penetrating aroma is capable of reaching our deepest senses and it seems that everything is charged with positive energy.

two men meditating inside a sacred temple.

The benefit of using incense is none other than feeling better about ourselves and trying to forget our daily problems. You will see that when you light incense and the whole room is impregnated with a magical and mysterious aroma everything around you will seem to have turned down.

  Cherry incense, a peculiar aroma

Know the meaning of incense and why it burns

We have seen that the ancient meaning of incense has a religious past. Since ancient civilizations it has been used in ceremonies and rituals. No wonder it was also used in black magic spells. Although the truth is that the best known use is of sacred origin.

a tibetan monk burning incense sticks in buddha temple. incense uses and properties, incense benefits and uses, incense to attract money, burning incense is bad.meaning of incense altar

When burning incense in a religious environment, the aim is to create a climate of peace and tranquility for all present. For example in Christian ceremonies is widely used, it is normal to see incense on the altar of the dead or even baptisms and some weddings.

In our shop we have a brotherhood incense that is widely used at Easter, there are hundreds of brotherhoods that make use of this aromatic resin to aromatize the groups and barracks. Incense has a biblical meaning and this is due to the incense, gold and myrrh that the Magi gave to Jesus of Nazareth.

sacred vessel in a holy temple where they burn incense. what does incense mean, the meaning of incense

Leaving aside the religious ground, incense also has a spiritual significance. It is a perfect ally if we want to relax and start thinking. The aromatic essence that some people have will simply transfer you to another totally different state of mind.

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The reasons for burning incense today can be diverse. I train at home and there are days when I am very tired and don’t feel like training at all. Then I light an incense stick with an aroma that motivates me and in a few minutes I start to exercise 😛

What does it mean when you smell incense all of a sudden?

It has never happened to me but it is said that when you get a mild smell like incense and there is no one around, it is considered that something divine is around you. And I don’t mean that someone else has lit incense and you have received its fragrance.

incense is good and bad, but it gives off an aroma that has a hallucinatory meaning. burning incense meaning, meaning of incense at mass

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I mean, you’re alone and suddenly you smell incense or incense ash that shouldn’t be there. In these cases it is said that a spirit walks near you, perhaps it is nothing more than an extrasensory experience caused by a memory in our brain. Although this is something that we will leave covered with mystery 😛

Meaning of incense smoke

For if, dear friend, you have come to this paragraph, incense smoke can mean several things depending on your behavior. It is said that if the smoke goes straight up it is very likely that if you have any desire to fulfill it will be fulfilled.

a courtyard of a house in the middle of a forest. They're burning incense to see where the smoke goes and what it means. Meaning of incense when it burns, incense meaning, incense meaning

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If it goes one way instead, it may mean that other people will help us achieve it, although I am convinced that you will achieve that personal goal on your own. Incense should be a means to get what you want, but it won’t do it alone 😛

Know the different uses of incense according to its aroma

There are many varieties of incense that can be found on the market. Different aromas are created by extracting aromatic oils from flowers, woods and sometimes some secret mixtures of different spices. These are the main characteristics of some incenses:

✅ Used for good luck

✅ As an aphrodisiac or desire stimulator

✅ Attracting money and succeeding in business

✅ To relax body and mind

✅ As a spiritual protector and cleaner

There are some aromas capable of awakening our deepest carnal desire. There are times when you need the spark to jump out and perhaps you need to give it a little push with a mildly smelling incense and flower. Although one that you like very much will also have the same effect.

couple of man and woman embraced with much desire and passion. incense is bad, smoke incense, om incense, house incense

There are people who like to burn incense to calm their minds and to be able to navigate in a sea of thoughts. This is because some fragrances are so mild that they penetrate our sense of smell in such a way that they manage to charge us with positive energy and think more fluently.

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Many people believe that burning some varieties of incense brings them good luck and helps them achieve their personal goals. They are also used to cleanse the house or a workplace of evil spirits, as you can see the uses of burning incense are very varied.

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